A new name, a new sound and a new record company: 2008 brought a lot of changes for Annemie Coenen , previously the lead vocalist of the very succesful Belgian dance formation Ian Van Dahl.

Annemie Coenen, who was born in Herk-de-Stad on July 14, 1978 has always been an artist singing even in school musical comedies in her youth. Her singing skills were first really put to the test when she joined a dance band at the age of 17. At this early stage of her life, she was not convinced that music was her future and therefore she turned to fashion, aiming to become a fashion designer. However, when she was invited to Ibiza by a friend, she became mesmerized by the dance scene.

After returning to Belgium, Annemie recorded a first demo which came to the attention of Stefan Wuyts, of the A&S label, who was looking for a vocalist for a song called Castles in the Sky of a new Belgian project called Ian Van Dahl. Initially, the single got little attention, but in 2001 it became a hit in many countries. And so Annemie became involved in one of Belgium’s most succesful dance projects, selling over four million CDs and singles world-wide between 2001 and 2006.

However, in 2008 it became clear that Ian Van Dahl was a thing of the past and that Peter Luts and Annemie Coenen would start over as AnnaGrace On June the 23rd Annagrace released their first single You Make Me Feel as a Vinyl in Belgium, which quickly reached the top of the Belgian dance chart.
Even better, the single also was a huge success on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart, reaching the number 1 position and charting for a whopping 20 weeks.

The first studio album is to be released in 2009 and will be preceded by the second single, Let the feelings go. This single was released in May 2009.

AnnaGrace - Let the feelings go


  • You Make Me Feel (Radio Edit)
  • You Make Me Feel (Extended Mix)
  • You Make Me Feel (Francesco Diaz & Thomas Gold Remix)
  • You Make Me Feel (VooDoo & Serano Remix)
  • You Make Me Feel (VooDoo & Serano Club Remix)
  • You Make Me Feel (John Luniz Remix)
  • You Make Me Feel (John Luniz Dub Remix)
  • You Make Me Feel (UK Radio Edit)
  • You Make Me Feel (UK Extended Mix)
  • You Make Me Feel (Bimbo Jones Remix)
  • You Make Me Feel (Total Control Remix)
  • Let the Feelings Go (Radio Edit)
  • Let the Feelings go (Extended mix)
  • Let the Feelings Go (Peter Luts remix)
  • Let the Feelings go (Sem Thomasson remix)
  • Let the Feelings go (Hardwell mix)
  • Let the Feelings go (Hardwell dub mix)

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