Ian Van Dahl (formerly Ian Van Dahl ft. Marsha)


Ian Van Dahl is the new project of Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen. Ian Van Dahl was founded in the beginning of 2000. Christophe Chantzis is no stranger in the Belgian dance scene… he was already involved in projects like Absolom and Astroline in the past (check out the links if you don’t know these groups!) and now he’s back to conquer the world!

Together with the leading vocalist Annemie Coenen, they together form Ian Van Dahl.

Annemie Coenen - leading vocalist of Ian Van Dahl

Annemie Coenen – leading vocalist of Ian Van Dahl

The producers: Christophe and Erik

The producers: Christophe and Erik

At the age of 7 Annemie won her first award at a Sound mix & Playback show. During her growing carrier she kept on working on her voice taking lessons & music school.
Together with Ian Van Dahl she managed to reach the top!

Erik’s musical carreer started very late. As a kid he was more interested in making cartoons and strips. Music wasn’t really part of his life. He got in to a fight with his brothers, many times, when they were watching music programms on the tv. Erik couldn’t understand why music moved so many people. But when he heard New gold dream from the Simple Minds, on his brother’s 18th birthday party, he was lost. Was it possible people could also make wonderful great music? He must have driven a dozen of times to the record shop to find out if his copy of Simple Minds had arrived. A whole new world opened up for him: Heaven 17, OMD, Ultravox, Human League, … It was the sound that grabbed him by the spine….This was what he wanted. From that day on synthesizers dedicated his life. Starting with a KORG M1 and expanding to what yet known is as the WIRE ENTANGLEMENT studio. Where hits like Castles in the sky, Will I?, Reason and Forever (Dee Dee) are made.

Christophe Chantzis grew up with music. His father was a DJ, his uncle a famous piano player,
his grandmother an opera singer, etc… so it was obvious Christophe would end up in the music bizz. Influenced by the music his father played (Disco, funk,…) he started making tracks on his computer at age 12. Piece by piece he expanded his home studio to become a professional recording studio. Meanwhile he was already into Dj’ing together with his brother Dimitri, only 1 year younger then him.

The first single Castles in the sky has been a great success; even more so in other countries then Belgium. In Germany it reached #2 in the dancecharts and in the Canadian dancechart it got up to number 1 !
Last but not least they have been in the American billboard charts (highest place #78) for some months ! In the American dance charts they got into the TOP15.

Some remixes have been made by German DJs like Tomasso Dedonatis (Watergate, DJ Quicksilver) and Wippenberg aka Olaf Dieckmann.

The lyrics of Castles in the sky have been written by Marsha (her real name is Martine Theeuwen) and Christophe Chantzis. Two versions exist of Castles in the sky: the first with Marsha’s voice (remixes and original single) and the later with Annemie Coenen her voice.

In Belgium the first two releases didn’t break through – partly because the biggest Belgian Radio Donna didn’t promote the song. It was only after the big successes all over the world with Castles that Radio Donna started to play it. (the 3rd re-release in september 2001 featuring Annemie Coenen.)

Annemie Coenen

Annemie Coenen

Castles in the sky managed to get a lot of awards worldwide! Castles in the sky was nominated for the best Progressive House/Trance 12″ and best Hi-NRG/Euro 12″ of the year 2001 on the WMC awards. Moreover it also won one of the WMC awards: Best Hi NRG/Euro 12″ vinyl. WMC – short for The Winter Music Conference – was held from March 23 – 27, 2002 at the Miami Beach Convention Center @ Miami Beach in Florida. It’s one of the biggest conferences in the US.

In the UK Ian Van Dahl was nominated for the Dancestar World music awards 2002 in the Best Trance Act category and for Record Of The Year !! They won the award for Best Trance Act!

The second single Will I was released in November 2001 in the UK and in January 2002 in the rest of Europe. Again a UK TOP10 hit!

The third single Reason was released on May 13th 2002 in the UK and a few weeks earlier in Belgium (April 26th). A lot of remixes have been made by well known producers/DJs. Reason has been a UK TOP10 hit too!

A.C.E is the first Ian Van Dahl album. (A.C.E = Annemie, Christophe, Eric, the names of the singer and producers.). It was released on May 21st 2002, in the UK on the 27th. It entered the UK album charts at number 7 and already went gold after just 3 weeks.

During the summer of 2002 trance act Ian Van Dahl were also present at the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System on June 22nd 2002. Alongside with the Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, Danny Tenaglia and Paul Oakenfold they performed for 40.000 people.

The next Ian Van Dahl single Try was released on August 26th 2002.

A year later (October 10th 2003) I can’t let you go, the first single from the new Lost & Found album was released.

On April 12th 2004 the single Where are you now? was released.

On November 15th 2004 another single taken from the Lost & Found album, Inspiration, was released.

Be sure to also check out the official Ian Van Dahl site for the latest news updates, picture galleries, lyrics, etc… !


Single CDs

  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Castles In the Sky (new Vocal Version Featuring Annemie Coenen) Castles in the sky
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Will I? - EP Will I (UK Release in November 2001, European release in January 2002)
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Reason - EP Reason (UK Release May 13th 2002 – April 26 2002 Belgian release)
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Try Try (Release August 26th 2002)
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be I Can't Let You Go I can’t let you go (Release October 10th 2003)
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Where Are You Now? Where are you now (Release April 12th 2004)
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Inspiration Inspiration (Release November 15th 2004)
Castles in the sky single cd Will I? single cd
Reason single cd Try single cd
Where are you now single cd Inspiration single cd

Album CDs

The first full album, A.C.E (Buy this record @ Proxis.be Ace) was released in May 2002. The tracklisting is as follows:

  • Intro
  • Reason
  • After All
  • Satisfy Me
  • Will I
  • Nights On Java
  • Try
  • Lonely
  • Be Mine
  • Castles In The Sky
  • Nothing Left To Say
  • Tears
  • Interlude
  • Secret Love
  • Tomorrow
  • Run

Ian Van Dahl - A.C.E

The second full album, Lost & found (Buy this record @ Proxis.be Lost & Found) was released in May 2004. The tracklisting is as follows:

  • I can’t let you go
  • Inspiration
  • Where are you now?
  • Crying
  • Crazy
  • My own
  • Waiting 4 you
  • Do you feel the same
  • Come 2 me
  • Time 2 go
  • Rollercoaster
  • Without you
  • Believe
  • Walking away
  • To fall in love
  • State of mind

Ian Van Dahl - Lost & Found


  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Castles in the sky (Peter Luts Remix – De Donatis Remix – Wippenberg Remix – Absolom Remix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Castles in the sky (Absolom Remix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Castles in the sky (De Donatis Remix)
  • Castles in the sky (Extended mix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Castles in the sky (Peter Luts remix)
  • Castles in the sky (Perfect Sphere remix)
  • Castles in the sky (Wippenberg Remix)
  • Castles in the sky (Exclusive mix by LD30)
  • Castles in the sky (Coast to coast remix)
  • Castles in the sky (Rocco & Heist remix)
  • DEE DEE – Forever (Ian Van Dahl remix)
  • M-shape – Cloudless sky (Ian Van Dahl remix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Radio Edit)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Dee Dee Radio Edit)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Extended Mix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Lange Remix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Peter Luts Remix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Coast To Coast Remix)
  • Buy this record @ CDUniverse.com Will I (Pulsedriver Remix)
  • Will I (Voodoo and Serano Remix)
  • Will I (Hemstock & Jennings remix)
  • Will I (Flutlicht remix)
  • Will I (Kool De Sac remix)
  • Reason (Extended mix)
  • Reason (Lange remix)
  • Reason (Mark Lawrence remix)
  • Reason (Minimalistix remix)
  • Reason (Dee Dee remix)
  • Reason (Kraxler & Schwarz remix)
  • Reason (Perfect Sphere remix)
  • Reason (Hemstock and Jennings Remix)
  • Reason (Triple R Remix)
  • Reason (Original mix)
  • Reason (Video edit)
  • Reason (Lange remix)
  • Reason (Mark Lawrence remix)
  • Try (Rob Searle remix)
  • Try (Dee Dee remix)
  • Try (Extended Remix edit)
  • Try (Michael Woods remix)
  • Try (Alphazone remix)
  • Try (Michael Wood edit)
  • Try (Dee Dee Radio edit)
  • Try (Kidjemet & Kovac Remix)

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