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To satisfy the pressing demand from their steadfast fans and DJ’s, FRONT 242 have decided to offer them a true and rich treasure, the official double-LP vinyl edition of their recent Moments live album. This is a unique opportunity for the fans of electronic music to forever own a true piece of music history on […] (read more)

On the 20th of March, Infekted will take over the famous Fuse Club in Brussels.  You can can check out all information on the myspace page of Infekted or on Facebook.    From the press release: Harmony, tonality, rhythm, colour and shape are qualities that contemporary art and electronic music have in common. The FUSE […] (read more)

  • February 25,2009
  • fuse

We’ve updated the Lasgo page and added a page for AnnaGrace. More coming soon ! (read more)

For all of you who love their Bass loud and hard, JIM and Bass Events present the ideal event on Saturday, the 4th april: Bassleader. For one day, the all of Flanders Expo in Ghent will become the Capital of Hard Style. Check out the website for more information. (read more)

You can now watch a high quality preview of the new Lasgo video on youtube. What are you waiting for? (read more)

After the huge success of last year’s I love the 90s party , we already knew that a new party would be held this year. And the success keeps on going, seeing that the party was sold out almost immediately. The demand was so big, that the party will take place on 2 dates, namely […] (read more)

Go to Kate Ryan’s website to see a nifty video of her performing live. It’s quite spectacular, so we hope she gets that spot as opening act for Madonna. (read more)

De Maxx Long Player 14 has become a gold compilation album, meaning no less than 15.000 copies of the 14th volume of the popular Studio Brussel compilation series have already been sold, which is quite an achievement in Belgium. After all, also here, record sales have been plummeting. The sales are obviously boosted by the […] (read more)

Notice something different? Yes, we’ve finally put our new design online 🙂 Together with the new design we’ve added some features like the ability to comment on news items… Expect a lot more new features in the future 🙂 Let us know what you think in the comments! (read more)

  • February 21,2009
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What a start for ‘My Punk’, it just got released last week and The Subs are already topping the Belgian dance charts, meaning that you like this track as much as we do ! (read more)

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