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The Chemical Brothers will be releasing a best of compilation this week. To celebrate you can download a free remix of Hey Boy, Hey Girl by Belgian band Soulwax and the spin-off 2Many DJs here. (read more)

Put three great-looking girls in an expensive video. Add some naughty language and some stars from the adult entertainment business and what do you get? The Miss Lucifer Girlz . Their single You want my booty has been rising steadily in the Belgian charts (now at number 16). Check out the video guys ! (read more)

  • August 27,2008

If you like electro with a twist (some Disco, some Techno, ..), then you’ll want this guy behind the turntables at your party: Der Schmetterling. We have been enjoying his sets on the Infected music and TrashClash parties. Also check out his new mix. (read more)

  • August 26,2008

Jelle Van Dael, the new Lasgo singer, was interviewed by P magazine. The interview is published in this week’s edition, which is in the shops now. Jelle says that she believes she won the Let’s go Lasgo competition because of her drive and the fact that she always listened to the feedback of the jury. […] (read more)

If you like commercial dance music, then you might like the second Danzel album, Unlocked. The record company calls it an album full of power, energy and lots of fun… the typical Danzel trademarks. But on this album, Danzel also comes up with some nice surprises… like the wonderful ballad ‘Unlocked’. And last but not […] (read more)

Watch it now : Out of my mind by Lasgo. (read more)

Belgian music channel Jim TV will be airing the video for Out of my mind today during the final episode of Lets go Lasgo (18:30). A new picture of the video is available on . (read more)

  • August 26,2008
  • JIM

Jim TV will be airing all new episodes of Regi’s world from the 3rd of September . (read more)

  • August 25,2008
  • JIM

A teaser for the new Milk Inc video was posted on Youtube. Check it out! (read more)

Congratulations to AnnaGrace for scoring a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart. In its 4th week on the chart, You make me feel moved up from number 13 to number 10. So let’s hope for an even better positions next week. (read more)

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