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Thursday night was the first time that Lasgo came to Brasil and they made a huge success! The tour started in São Paulo and the songs: Pray, I Wonder, Searching, Alone and ofcourse Something made the crowd jump and dance all night long. The Tour will continue in the cities of Florianópolis and Curitiba. Evi, […] (read more)

The new Sylver album called Little Things will be released on March 31 2003. The first single Livin’ my life of this new album was already released back in February. This is the full tracklisting: Livin’ My Life Why Worry Shallow Waters Wild Horses Confused So Afraid Weeping Willows Never Ever Heal My Heart Little […] (read more)

Protrax Dance Makers and Dance Connection is a special belgian record company in respect to that they try to sell dancemusic at a price much lower then normal. They make this happen by 1Z0-457 exams not only taking the producing (composition, recording, mixing, mastering, cover design,…) but also the distribution and selling in their own […] (read more)

  • March 27,2003

Wednesday, the 30th of April, Antwerp is Burning again with Dj Tiësto, Armand van Helden, Ken Ishi, Luke Slater, Seb Fontaine and many more.The special tune for this event is made by Boss@nova. He also mixed the compilation for Antwerp is Burning, this will be released in the 3rd week of April. (read more)

Curious about the video for Travelling from Orion Too?? If you want to see this beautiful 1Z0-451 exams video, you can watch it here. It was shot on 35mm film, so it’s a real pearl in the history of Belgian videos. 1Z0-456 exams (read more)

After 20 years, Flip Vanderputte stopped beingresident Dj at the “Karrewiel” (Hoeselt -Belgium). He wants to work more on his alterego “DJ Starfighter”, well known from the UK Top40 hit “Apache”. He’s also producer of “Cherry Moon Trax”, “Stormtraxx”, “Armani & Ghost”, “Nobody” and several other projects. Because there were more and more applicationsfor guest […] (read more)

On the mostiko site, you can find remixes of the new song from Junkie XL, which is called “Catch Up To My Step”. This time, he teamed up with the legendary Blues and Soul God Solomon Burke.The remixes were made by:Cheeky Paul, Boss@nova, Minimalistix and Frank Trauner. Other remixes by Filterheadz and Junkie XL himself […] (read more)

Beginning 2003, Monotone feat. LA. Work released the Collector 1 vinyl. Collector 1 is a re-release of their biggest hit Monotone which was released to the Belgian market in September 1999. Monotone went all the way to the Nr 1 position in the Belgian Club charts! Check out the full Collector 1 review! (read more)

  • March 25,2003

We have partnered with, a Canadian webradio, to offer you the latest Belgian dance in the mix!   As they say in their own words, gives you Creamy beats for your feets and now that also means a one hour mix of Belgian beats! The playlist of the very first mix is: Mackenzie […] (read more)

  • March 25,2003
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On March 27th, the new Cygnus X CD called Collected Works will be released on the ID&T label. This album contains 2CDs: the first one contains the Original mixes while the second one is full of remixes. Together with remixes from Rank 1, Marco V and others we can find a remix of Indakasa from […] (read more)

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