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The belgian dance project Oxyd scored a hit with Before you Go. Now there is the folow up cd single Is It You.The new track is again a commercial dance track that could count on the terrific vocals of Angelica Van De Wouwer. On the cd single you can find the radio edit and the […] (read more)

  • November 30,2002
  • oxyd

The hot new Dee Dee single The One will have to following remixes on the CD Maxi: Radio Edit, Extended Mix, Peter Luts Remix, Ian Van Dahl Remix, Kidjemet and Kovac Remix and a 4Clubbers remix. On vinyl you can find additional remixes by Northstarz and Driftwood. (read more)

  • November 30,2002

After the huge success in ‘Sportpaleis Antwerp’ where Illusion celebrated their 15th anniversary, they release another compilation in their planetairy collection. Illusion Uranus Edition contains upfront hits from: Driftwood ‘Freeloader’, DJ George’s ‘Action’, Armani & Ghost ‘Airport’, Airwave vs Rising Star ‘Sunspot’ and also some exclusive tracks: Subsunday ‘So Good’, DJ Cor Fijneman ‘Exhibition’ and […] (read more)

  • November 30,2002

In 1999 DJ Peter Project had a number 1 hit in Belgium with 2 New York. Now they’re back with a new song called Ride the rocket and a new website ! Check it out! (read more)

  • November 30,2002

We have 2 extra tips for you to win the Mister E – When the rain begins to fall vinyl: Not the entire text is written in a visible color… and The right mousebutton is a useful tool…. This was the question: What is the secret password or the URL of the Hall of Fame […] (read more)

Milk Inc. will release Land of the Living on December 30th on Positiva records. They have a new website up which includes information and a video section. On the site there’s also a rather nifty Praga Kahn wallpaper in the downloads section. Further videos are available on the band’s UK label: (read more)

Lasgo are on the Radio 1 playlist with Pray and enter the UK charts at Number 17. The single is released in the UK on two CDs and a 12″. CD1 contains the Radio edit, a LDC remix and a remix of Something by Kenny Hayes. CD2 contains the Flip n’ Fill mix and the […] (read more)

Another tip for the Mister E contest: Don’t let him mess with your mind – hold your head up… This was the question: What is the secret password or the URL of the Hall of Fame on the Mister E website. To answer this question you’ll have to search for hidden clues and secret pages […] (read more)

A new remix of Decoy & Roy – Innerlife has been released on vinyl: it’s one done by the Minimalistix people! (read more)

Here is our second tip for the Mister E contest: Hold your mouse still on the last little Mister E of the openingpage and see what he has to tell… (read more)

  • November 26,2002

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