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You can pre-order your signed copy of the first Airwave album called Believe now! Only the first 50 will receive a signed copy. Just go to the Lightning Records cd-shop, look under various and there you’ll find the album. Remember, deliveries won’t be before the beginning of November… The tracklisting is as follows: I want […] (read more)

The alltime classic DJ Looney Tune – Workstation gets re-released on Bonzai Classics vinyl on October 28th 2002. It includes the the original and the M.I.KE. Remix! (read more)

Airwave vs Rising Star – Sunspot will be released on Bonzai Trance Progressive on October 28th 2002. This new single is a cooperation with Armin van Buuren under the name Airwave vs Rising Star. (read more)

The new Fire & Ice ft. Edvika is called Close to me and will be released on October 21st 2002 on vinyl on the XTC label (Lightning records). It contains 3 mixes, the original instrumental version, a more progressive Dj Fire remix and a vocal version with vocals by Edvika. (read more)

The 6th of September 2002 Forest National hosted the big Brussels Is Burning party. After appearing first on vinyl, the official Brussels is Burning theme, Decoy and Roy – Inner life, is now also available on CD single. Check out Decoy & Roy – Innerlife review ! (read more)

DJ Peter Project is back. You will know them from the massive hits Put Your Hands Up and Going To New York. This dynamic project has now a new potential hit ready, called Ride the Rocket…surprisingly fresh dance that will bring lots of ambiance! (read more)

  • October 17,2002

After the huge succes of Como Te Quiero, TLD continued their cooperation with Regi Penxten (Milk Inc.) for the new single Not Alone. Due to be released at the end of October, the single will be presented at the TMF Awards, where the group has been nominated for Most Promising Artist. (read more)

  • October 17,2002
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The next Milk Inc. single is called Breathe without you and will be officially presented on the Belgian TMF Awards on October 26th 2002! This single comes from the next Milk Inc. album to be released in 2003! Source: (read more)

Magic Fly will be the first Minimalistix single taken from the debut album Elements. The album Elements has only been released in Belgium for now, but other countries will soon follow. Magic Fly has been internationally signed in the following countries: UK (Ministry Of Sound), USA (Ultra records; the biggest independent with a marketshare of […] (read more)

  • October 16,2002

Jessy, known as the former lead singer of the Mackenzie feat. Jessy is apparently starting an international career. Ministry Of Sound has signed the Look @ Me Now in the following countries: UK, Australia, Scandinavia and Germany. Ultra Records signed this single for the USA. International release dates are still to be decided. The next […] (read more)

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