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We’ve again got some exclusive news for you: the new Milk Inc. single Sleepwalker will be released on April 22nd, 2002 ! You can already pre-order this single at ! The vinyl will be released two weeks earlier. (read more)

The new single of Praga Khan Glamour Girl which could be heard exclusively on Studio Brussel radio will be released at the beginning of April. Also confirmed is the appearance on Rock Werchter 2002 ! (read more)

The new Milk Inc. Sleepwalker is not yet out on vinyl or cd single, but you can find it already on the new Mixmania 2002/2 compilation CD which will be released on April 2nd 2002 Other unreleased tracks include: DJ PHILIP – Moments and ZIPPORA – See The Sun ! You can order this mix […] (read more)

Yesterday, had a great interview with Caroline and Yannick of the Belgian dance formation Whyzer (you will probably now their great single Teach me How). Whyzer will be releasing their new single Colour the Night in the near future. We will be publishing the entire interview, as well as some exclusive pictures of Caroline […] (read more)

The next Ian Van Dahl single Reason will be released in the UK on May 13th 2002. (label NuLife/Arista) (read more)

  • March 25,2002

Spring is almost there and so is the new Zippora single See the sun. We certainly hope this song will have a positive effect on the Belgian weather 🙂 On April 8th, Byte will release part 1 of the 12 inch vinyl. Two weeks later (April 22nd) part 2 will be released. Part 1 contains […] (read more)

  • March 23,2002

We have new ringtones available for your mobile phone! Check our ringtones page for the following new ringtones: 1 Giant Leap – My Culture A – Nothing Astor Piazzolla – Adios Nonino Cornershop – Lessons Learnt From Rocky I To III Db Boulevard – Point Of View Gigi D’ Agostino – The Riddle Gomez – […] (read more)

The UK has been traditionally hard to conquer for the Belgian dance producers… but now times seem to be changing! After Ian Van Dahl, Minimalistix and Lasgo, Milk Inc. will release their single In my eyes in the UK on May 6th 2002 A video clip for In my eyes has been shot in Liverpool […] (read more)

Orion Too feat. Caitlin is pretty hot in Spain. Flaix FM a big national radio and TV station confirmed the performance of Orion Too feat. Caitlin at the Megaplec festival on May 17th. (read more)

We already were the first to give you the name of the new Milk Inc. Sleep Walker back in January. Now our sources tell us that this single will be released in April 2002! (read more)

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