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On November 1st, Hasselt is the place to be for Regi and Milk Inc. fans as the first solo album of Regi will be presented in the Kinepolis movies theatres. The album is called Registrated and includes remarkable cooperations with a lot of other Belgian artists from various other music scenes including Koen Buyse (Zornik), […] (read more)

  • October 28,2007
  • regi

After 12 years of producing Regi Penxten has released his “Best Of” album featuring the best Milk Inc., Sylver, Jessy, Katerine, Flesh & Bones, Anneke Van Hoof, … tracks. A bonus DVD is also included with all the videoclips! We can give away 3 Regi – The Best Of compilation cd/dvds! Check our contests page! (read more)

  • December 18,2005
  • regi

Regi Penxten newest solo single is called No music and is now available for legal download at the Mostiko downloadshop. The CDsingle will be released on September 5th and will contain 3 mixes: Radio, Housetrap radio and Extended. (read more)

  • August 21,2005
  • regi

Fan of Regi Penxten (producer of Milk Inc)? Then you’ll be glad to know that JIM features a new show Regi’s World where they follow the life of Regi, day-in-day-out. For example you’ll see footage of Regi’s house, cityparade, Illusion at the beach and more! Check out the JIM site! (read more)

  • August 2,2005
  • JIM

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