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According to the Dutch site, singer Jessy De Smet has left the Mackenzie feat. Jessy. We hope we’ll still hear from her in the future! Apparently Mackenzie Records found a replacement for her, Kelly. According to some rumours we read on a forum she’s around 19 years old. The first performance of the Mackenzie […] (read more)

We updated our Mackenzie ft. Jessy – Angel cd review with many more musicsamples. Listen to them here ! (read more)

We reviewed the full album Angel from the Mackenzie ft. Jessy. It’s a very nice trance album so be sure to check it out here ! Please contact us if you want your album/cd single/vinyl to be reviewed too! (read more)

Apparently MacKenzie ft. Jessy (one of my personal favourites) will have a new full cd next year !! It’ll be called Pure Next month they’ll also release a new single! (read more)

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