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The Belgian army will get a musical Christmas gift this year. Between Christmas and New Year the X-mas World Tour 2008 will visit the Belgian military forces in Kosovo, Libanon, Afghanistan and Chad bringing them a live music show with a.o. Lasgo and AnnaGrace. Lasgo is ready to throw a fantastic Christmas party with the […] (read more)

AnnaGrace’s first single, You make me feel is still a big worldwide hit, but now the second single is coming… and we expect this to be another big hit. Let the feeling go is the title of the new song and you can listen it by downloading Peter Lut’s Groovenight feed:// (read more)

It has finally happened. In its 12th week on the charts, AnnaGrace has reached the number 1 spot in the American Billboard Hot Dance Airplay charts with You make me feel. (read more)

She is doing extremely well on the Billboard Dance charts but now AnnaGrace has also hit the number 1 spot on the New York Music pool, outclassing stars such as Rihanna, Madonna and the Pussycat dolls. (read more)


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AnnaGrace rules the US dance airplay charts, entered the Billboard Global Dance Tracks chart at number 40 only to rise to number 32 in its second week. Now, You make me feel is also available on the U.S. iTunes store … Currently it is only in the 94th dance sales positions, but you can be […] (read more)

After a short standstill, You make me feel is now the number 2 song on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart. Congratulations, AnnaGrace and let’s hope for a number 1 next week ! (read more)

It has been a long time coming, but now it is finally there: the new AnnaGrace website . The website gives you a lot of info on AnnaGrace and Ian Van Dahl. Now, what about a second single AnnaGrace? (read more)

You make me feel remains at number 4 in the Billboard dance airplay charts this week, but luckily we have something to be happy about: the new AnnaGrace Fanclub site . Now we only have to wait for the launch of the official website. (read more)

We returned with great news for AnnaGrace : she continues to rise in the Billboard Dance Airplay charts and has now reached number 4! Top 3 next week? (read more)

In its 5th week on the Billboard hot dance airplay charts, AnnaGrace went from 10 to 8. Maybe the top 5 next week? (read more)

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