Simi Nah – Cherchez la femme CD Album review

Simi Nah - Cherchez la femme

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Simi Nah – Cherchez la femme CD Album

Simi Nah, who was born in Nice in the south of France, was the bass player of Praga Khan in the period 1998-1999.
In 2002 she participated on the Svenson & Gielen album “The beauty of Silence” where her vocals are featured on two tracks.

In 2003 she began her solo project together with producer Kenny who co-wrote and co- produced the tracks
which eventually ended up on the debut album Cherchez la Femme, which was released in December 2004. (check out the Simi Nah showcase pictures!).
Cherchez la Femme contains 13 electro (gothic) tracks waiting to be discovered!

The title track Cherchez la femme which starts the album is a short and soft electro song with a melancholic feeling, a good starter! (it gets a successor Je cherche encore at the end of the album :-)).

The next track Je joue le jeu in Genu, is one of our favourites on this album: nice french airy vocals, great electro melody, danceable … in short great Simi’s electro style.

Sans se voiler la face brings us more bass beats mixed together with an equally inspiring melody then Je joue le jeu in Genu. Another highlight on the CD! Gourmandise follows the same recipe but fails to impress us as much as the previous songs.

Other highlights for us on the CD include Elle est moi (we’ve already heard this track on compilation CDs and we still like it :-)),
A Fleur de peau (has a melancholic trancy feeling to it) and certainly l’Ange Je and Alice – The 2083 mix.
(spacy gothic electro – great for DJs).

Conclusion: With Cherchez la femme, Simi and Kenny have written a great debut album.
The 13 tracks generally follow the same style with interesting variations, resulting in quite some highlights.
However generally we listened to the album at home in 2 go’s – as the airy vocals seem to become a bit too repetitive when you listen to the full album in one go. DJs will certainly find some great electro tunes to include in their DJ sets!
Check out the the official Simi Nah website!

Review written by Wim

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Simi Nah – Cherchez la femme CD Album

  • Cherchez la femme
  • Je joue le jeu in Genu
  • Sans se voiler la face
  • Gourmandise
  • Elle est moi
  • Le passé Le present Le futur
  • A fleur de peau
  • Tattoo moi
  • Cherchez le garçcon
  • Harley Davidson
  • l’Ange je
  • Je cherche encore la suite
  • Alice – the 2083 mix

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