Nid & Sancy – Yeah Yeah Yes CD Album review

A couple of years ago, we saw Nid & Sancy perform in a tent on the Pukkelpop festival. And we immediately fell in love with their raw, energetic, electropunk energy. And all these years later, we still love them. And so does the underground club scene, your average festival visitor and any self-respecting music lover. Yes, Nid & Sancy rule.

Yeah Yeah Yes

But does their third album – Yeah Yeah Yes – still hit the right spot? Oh yes it does. 14 tracks of raw, unprocessed energy, thank you. Whether it is an electronic punk-anthem such as Telescope Horror or an acid trip mixed with a pop vibe like Shittown, this is quality. Pure quality. Surprisingly, Yeah Yeah Yes also contains a remake of Give.It.Up.For.Sound, one of the highlights of Nid & Sancy’s previous album Color At The Darkest Disco. Easy money? Not at all, Symbolone have created a vastly different and instantly loveable track. Another highlight.

And highlights are plentiful indeed. Kiddz (either in Dub or DJ Drama Edit) is Nid & Sancy at their best. Electropunk madness packaged in a shiny CD. My Agitator bleeps all over the place and reminds of us the best of Mr. Oizo which is given the Nid & Sancy treatment. Trouble At The Door means trouble on the dancefloor seeing that it is quite impossible to stand still on this track. And then my stereo exploded: The Runner starts of slow, but quickly develops into a mind-boggling trip. This one will get me through many nightly exploits. Nid & Sancy show even more versatility with Oriental Red Eye.

And of course, Nid & Sancy are also not scared of a little experiment (want to hear something slightly threatening:?The Smokes, Or disturbing? Add Nightmare and Rinse. Need a soundtrack for a visit to an S&M dungeon: listen to Panic Button). All good? no all great.

2009 is still in its infancy, but we already have a favorite album to put in our ‘Best of 2009’ list. Go out and buy it. And just f*cking go out of your mind.


  • Telescope Horror
  • Kidzz (original dub)
  • Oriental Red Eye
  • Intrans
  • My Agitator
  • M.U.S.I.C (Symbolone Edit)
  • Trouble At The Door
  • Add Nightmare and Rinse Prelude
  • The Runner
  • Shittown
  • Panic Button
  • Kidzz (DJ Drama Edit)
  • The Smokes
  • Bonus Track: Sluttt Don’t Fuck Remix

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