Mixmania 2004 02 compilation CD review

Mixmania 2004 02 compilation CD review

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This second edition of Mixmania 2004 is once again packed with all the hits that have charted during the last few months, including some big number 1 hits. So first the good news, there are some really great songs on this CD : Xandee’s 1 Life is one of those big hits. Topping the charts for many weeks, this commercial dance track was Belgium’s high hope for the Eurovision Song contest. Although it didn’t score that well, it definitely remains a very good track : upbeat, strong vocals, … 100 per cent fun. Benassi Bros’ Illusion (the track featuring Sandy) is my personal Benassi favorite. It has got so much power it just makes you dream of a night on the dancefloor. Perfection.

Next to these tracks, which I really like, there is a set of other big hits on the CD. You just can’t get around Haiduccii’s Dragostea din tei (although I wish I would never have to listen to that song again) of course. But also Kate Ryan’s cover of ‘the promise you made’, Tiesto’s Love comes again and Boogie Pimps Somebody to Love (yes the underwear commercial with the bouncing baby) are included. And these are but a few of the tracks that have charted these last few months.

Overall there are 30 tracks mixed together on this CD and as always, this also means that there a quite some leftovers included. So, if you want an overview of the dance hits that charted the last few months, Mixmania gives you what you want. However, it’s purely a commercial thing, so no big underground club hits and stuff boys and girls. And in the end, it is definitely a case of quantity over quality (with a fair degree of leftovers added to the mix). So, it’s up to you to decide.

Buy this record @ Proxis.be Buy Mixmania 2004 02 compilation CD

Review written by Steviy


  1. KATE RYAN – the promise you made
  2. LMC VS U2 – take me to the clouds above
  3. XANDEE – one life
  4. ROYAL GIGOLOS – california dreamin’
  5. HAIDUCII – dragostea din tei
  6. BENASSI BROS FEAT. SANDY – illusion
  7. TIESTO FEA. BT – love comes again
  8. TRANCESCAPE – producelast
  9. URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE – the key the secret 2004
  10. JESSY – how long (point of no return)
  11. IAN VAN DAHL – where are you now?
  12. NOVASPACE – run to you
  13. DJ WOUT – mastermind (cor fijneman remix)
  14. JX – restless
  15. ARMIN VAN BUUREN FEAT. JUSTINE SUISSA – burned with desire
  16. ROADBLOCK FEAT. DAVE BEYER – about a girl
  17. MEMENTO – new life (peter luts remix)
  18. BOOGIE PIMPS – somebody to love
  19. NARCOTIC TRUST – i like it
  20. FEDERICO PANZANINI – i’ve been obsessed (ogada mix)
  21. OUTROWZ – wrong
  23. FERRY CORSTEN – everything goes
  24. FRANK-FURT – now (dj luke remix)
  25. KARADA – il futuro
  26. PARTYMEN – da groove da beats
  27. AQUALORDS – beloved (nico parisi late night mix)
  28. IAN KNOWLES – united as one
  29. DAVE MCCULLEN – stars
  30. SONIC SOLUTIONS – china in your hand

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