Mascotte – Mascotte CD album review

Mascotte – Mascotte CD Album review

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Ah in order to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars movie, dancevibes decided to make a little trilogy of its own. An electric trilogy that is. And that is why you are now reading the first review (in a series of 3) of a new Belgian elektro album. In this first installment we will focus on Mascotte.
Those of you who are familiar with the club scene might already know their vinyls ‘Ride Em Girls’ (which, for instance, also appeared on the Café d’Anvers compilation album) and ‘Italidisco’.

Mascotte’s history goes as far back as 2001, when Igor de Kok and Philip van de Gehuchte were busy producing a mixture of elektrotrash dance tracks with a big splash of dirty punk rock.
Their work attracted the attention of various international deejays and not too much later, Mascotte remixed Vive La Fête and Daan. The group also went from 2 to 5 people, and now, 2005, Mascotte has released its first full-fledged album on the unsuspecting masses. And do we like it?

Oh yes we do. This is a wonderful mixture of elektro with a twist of kitsch, style, rock, punk and even old school new wave and new beat. Lyrics are simple and often sparse, but certainly do the trick in adding flavor to the songs.
The songs are perfect for a trashy elektro-party or a catwalk and will fit nicely between songs by Vive la Fête and Nid & Sancy (two other groups on the same label) on your IPod.

Instant favorites are Ride Em Girls of course, Italodisco and the fantastic Toys for boys, where singers Lara and Marie strut their stuff in a song that has a nostalgic feel to it – nostalgia on speed that is. The short ‘à-la-maison’ is also strangely compelling and Jackie Brown reminds me of some old-school Belgian artists (which definitely isn’t a bad thing).
Midnight in the city, on the other hand, is romantic elektropop with a sharp edge. So this is quite a great mixture, which definitely does not get boring / repetitive.

That does not mean that Mascotte does everything right of course, which is illustrated by the track ‘Out in me’. Mediocre at best, but mostly quite irritating. But then again, we gladly forgive Mascotte this small slip-up, seeing that the overall album definitely is a must-buy. So boys and girls, what are you waiting for? Go out and get your own Mascotte.

Review written by Steviy

Buy this record @
Buy this record @ Euromusic World Mascotte – Mascotte CD Album

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  • Office Jobs
  • Jackie Brown
  • Ride ’em Girls
  • Midnight In The City
  • Out In Me
  • Toycastle Queen
  • Action Man
  • À La Maison
  • Italodisco
  • Toys For Boys
  • Speakers Blow

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