Mackenzie feat. Kelly – Believe CD Single review

Believe is the first single of the Mackenzie new style: Mackenzie feat. Kelly (or Mackenzie vs. Kelly as it is written on the CD single). Kelly Jacobs offcourse has a difficult job, to do equally good or better then the prior singer Jessy when we think back at classic trance athems like Innocence and Without you.

It’s offcourse a fact that not only the singing but also the instrumentals are a very important part of a track. Can the producer-duo Akenan and Fasseau still outdo their great releases of the past?

Unfortunately Believe is in our eyes not that really special. It’s a nice trance song, but it does not stand out of the rest. That’s certainly not the fault of Kelly, she has a great voice, and we hope that the Mackenzie producers will make the next single a must have track.

On the CD Single, you can find 2 versions of Believe: the Radio version and the Long Trance vocal mix. It’s a pity that there is no third remix present if you take the price into account of a CD Single.

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Review written by Wim.

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