Lasgo – All night long cdsingle review

Lasgo - All night long CD Single review

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Ah the world can be simple : fire is always hot, ice is cold. But sometimes, things are not quite what they seem. And that is why, when I first saw the new Lasgo video on the television, I did not realize that it was Lasgo at all.
When you mention the name ‘Lasgo’ you clearly hear a particular kind of Belgian dance, a very distinct sound that has been a constant throughout all their previous singles (for instance, Something, Pray, and so on). Consequently, I’ve never been a big Lasgo fan. But now Lasgo no longer sounds like Lasgo, no it sounds a lot better.

However, this change in sound has nothing to do with a change in the band. After all, DJ / Producer David Vervoort, who recently scored a big hit with the song ‘Bitch’ once again teamed up with Peter Luts
and Belgian dance diva Evy Goffin to make the new single ‘All night long’ (apparently with a little help from Annemie Coenen, well known as singer of Ian Van Dahl).

However, this time Lasgo has added a small dose of wicked electro to the standard mix in order to come up with a more cutting edge sound than before.

And it works very well thank you. All night long immediately grabs your attention with its smart synth-driven sound, but doesn’t forget that Evy is a big asset that needs to be thoroughly exploited. Lyrics are fun and catchy and fit nicely together with the overall sound.

In my opinion, All night long is a winner and it makes me wonder what other great things to expect from Lasgo. Some die-hard Lasgo fans might have some trouble adjusting to this new vibe, but I suggest that they take time to sit up and listen.

Lasgo is back and ready to reach new heights.

Buy Lasgo – All night long cd single: Buy this record @ Buy this record @ Euromusic World

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