Infekted by Dr. Lektroluv compilation CD review

Ah … The mysterious Dr. Lektroluv. The good doctor keeps prescribing the things we all so badly need: steamy, atmospheric electro music. And this Belgian DJ’s reputation is getting bigger and bigger. Those of you who already had the pleasure (or should I say privilege) to see the doctor at Culture Club (one of Belgium’s, or might we say, Europe’s best clubs) know exactly what I am talking about.

Although this CD has been out for quite a while, we at dancevibes think that its a good time to put it back in the spotlight. And what a compilation it is. With Infekted by DR. Lektroluv, the doc has made a perfect selection : atmospheric, classy, sexy and very melodic tunes fill up this CD. It all starts out with Legacy of a lost world : a perfect opener (melancholic sounds that stirr your imagination) and a good indication of what else is to come. And what’s next only gets better : floorfillers and classic tracks such as Japanse Animation, Barbara !!! Buya Monkey! make this an essential purchase. The remix of Depeche Mode’s The Death of the Night is sheer perfection and tracks such as Chokolecktrik and Nausea show you just how good electro music can get.

For those of you not familiar with this section of – dance – music, this is a perfect introduction. So any let downs on this CD? Actually, can’t find one. Sorry. I can safely say that this CD should be part of the collection of everyone who is interested in good music. So go out and get it. Now !

Be sure to check out the Dr Lektroluv website!

Review written by Steviy

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