Illusion The Level – Groove 1 compilation CD review

Illusion - The Level - Groove 1 compilation CD

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Illusion The Level – Groove 1 compilation CD review

Take the elevator to 100% Groove hits… enter the Illusion The Level – Groove 1 compilation CD!

The Level is Illusion’s second room where the best grooves are played by DJ’s Christophe, David en Wout.

Until now there were always a few ‘Level-tracks’ on the traditional Illusion Editions but from now on these Level tracks are on the brandnew The Level – Groove 1 series.

There are a lot of great tracks present on this cd, although they are relatively unknown because they’re not regurarly played on the radio if ever. (which is a shame when you look what they do play!)

There are multiple highlights on this CD. Produced in Belgium, you’ll enjoy the tracks Nobody – Cambodja and Ultrasonic – Lips they move. Cambodja is a production by DJ Starfighter and a great cover of the Kim Wilde 80ies hit. (I’m personally not a fan of 80ies covers, but this one is well-made and therefor not played on national radios ;-)) Lips they move is more groovy and also a great track.

Other groovy highlights include Starchaser – Love will set you free, 2 Heads – Out of the city (City Slickers remix), Masa├» Do that thang (Starchaser vocal mix), Gusgus – David (Darren Emerson’s Underwater remix) and the well known Drummattic twins Feelin’ Kinda strange

A few lesser tracks are also present: Double M with Mr Mike – Start this party, Seamus Haji – The beat goes on and Masters at Work – Work … don’t really do it for me.

In conclusion, this compilation CD doesn’t contain the latest hits but you can be sure that the vast majority of the tracks have a great groovy touch and there are only a few ‘bad’ tracks on it.

Review written by Wim

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Illusion The Level – Groove 1 compilation CD review

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