Food Main Course

Food Main Course Volume 1 (2002, double cd)

Food Main Course is the first cd of the ‘Food’ series available. This initiative is to be considered as the next evolutionary step of the fabulous Food parties taking place in Leuven (at the Silo), Antwerp, Gent, Brussels and Liege. Being organised in various locations around the country, these events have always been major hits.

Featuring artists in the past have been: Laurent Garnier, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May,… In pursuit of this remarkable succes, Benjamin Aiyel and Frank Verdrengh decided to join forces in kicking off Food Main Course

Food Main Course is a double cd. The first disc consists of temporary house and the second one of techno music selected and mixed by the belgian DJs Raoul respectively Trish Van Eynde. Both DJ’s have been and are the pioneers of the deephouse in Belgium.

Trish is one of the very few female techno DJ’s, but she knows her world! For years, she has been together with Kash (Trish & Kash), a resident DJ at the Fuse (Brussels), and could not be missed on the yearly I love Techno event. A while ago she decided to go solo and at the moment she spends a lot of time in the studio. It will not take too long anymore before the international scene will also discover her talent!

Raoul Belmans – better known as DJ Raoul – is a resident DJ at Club Food. He started to DJ on a local radio station in 1991 and this developed in playing on several stations and also at funky bars. His first real deal parties were around 1994 and then he teamed up with Dimitri in 1996 experimenting on some studio equipment. Raoul’s DJ gigs nowadays reach all over the country and also in France, England, Holland, Germany, Scotland, U.S.A., South Africa and Malaysia… Under different projectnames like Swirl People, Swirl Peepz, Cozy Creatures, Different Noodles and Tiger Sprouts, Dimitri and Raoul already put out several 12 inches and an album on a bunch of very reputated recordlabels worldwide and have done also numerous remixes for artists and projects.

The different house and techno tracks are mixed seedless. The arrangement, sound and atmosphere is really clubby. In contrast with most cd’s it’s maybe less commercial, less ‘polished’ which makes the cd maybe less accessible for the large public, but we really appreciate it. Listening to this cd, you can really taste the Food concept.

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