BB – Je t’aime mélancolie cd single review

BB - Je t'aime mélancolie cd single review

The secret begind the mysterious Biba Binoche has been revealed. Over the last few weeks, Biba Binoche’s debut single Je t’aime mélancolie, has been getting a lot of airplay (even on Studio Brussel). And it is expected that all the commotion will only increase now that the ‘secret identity’ of Biba Binoche has been revealed. Biba Binoche turns out to be Betty‘s latest musical project. Betty was one of the best known players from the first Big Brother series on the Belgian television. Over the last few years she released several single, posed for Playboy magazine, and so on.

But with this new single, Betty is finally going to go big in the dance scene. Those of you who have already read some of my reviews, know that I am not particularly fond of remakes of 80’s and 90’s hits. Seeing that Je t’aime mélancolie was originally sung by Mylène Farmer (who also created Desenchantée and Libertine, two songs that were covered by Kate Ryan), I was expecting the worst.

But Betty pleasantly surprised me: Je t’aime mélancolie is a great dance track with a unique feel to it. It also is a great cover and certainly deserves to become a big hit. Betty – or should we say Biba – sounds very sexy. The music is very different from other commercial dance tracks and thus stands out. You should check out this song as soon as possible!

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Review written by Steviy

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