Lasgo: interview about All night long and Far away cd album

Lasgo - Far Away

All night long is the first single of your new album Far Away.
Compared to previous singles All night long surely has a distinct sound.
What were the reasons for the change ? How are the reactions on the new single? (in Belgium, abroad)

Evi: Even in dance music it’s pretty important to renew your style and follow the trends.
That’s one of the reasons we decided to change our sound a little bit. Another reason is that
we wanted our sound to be more mature. I still like our first album a lot,
but when you compare the two albums you will hear that the music as well as the lyrics sound
more mature now. And of course we’re all big 80’s lovers so we thought it was a great idea
to put some 80’s influences in there as well.

Evi: The reactions to “All night long” are better than we expected. I have to admit that
we were a little bit afraid of what the reactions were gonna be on the styleswitch,
but apparantly people like it!

The fans had to wait quite a while before the new album was released.
(looking back in our news archives we found a possible release date of
beginning of 2004 :-)) How comes ?

Evi: The reason why it took us a bit longer to release some new material is that
we’ve been touring a lot lately. Peter and Dave were working in the studio
for the last couple of months on new material for as well Lasgo as other projects
but I was almost never there to sing it. Then, when everything was finished musicwise
we didn’t book any shows for a week and spent that time in the studio to record the vocals.

What kind of tracks can the fans find on the new Far Away album ?
What’s your favourite track on the album and why?

Evi: The album is a mixture of 80’s influences, elektro and the typical Lasgo sound. There is a slow on it,
an instrumental track by Peter Luts, a song Dave sang and more elektro influenced songs.
My favourite track is Still.

Recently Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl and Jan Vervloet went on tour in Japan.
How was the reaction of the Japanese people? Do the asian people like European dance music? Will it inspire you to put some japanese influences in future tracks ? 🙂

Evi: The crowd in Japan was amazing! Because there’s a big Brazilian community in Japan,
the audience existed of both Asian and Brazilian people and that was a great combination!

In which countries has Far Away/All night long been released?

Evi: I don’t know all the countries the album is gonna be released in,
but I know it will be released in more than 50 countries!
To name a few; USA, Brazil, Germany, Spain,…

The track ‘Tell me’ was one of the songs of the new album you’ve
already performed at the German Dance awards last year. Lots of fans
asked us if this track will also be released as cdsingle in the future.
(in the German Dance awards version?)

Peter Luts

Evi: We’re not sure yet what the next single will be, but I don’t think it’s
gonna be “Tell Me”. We made a bit of a change with “All night long”
and I think the next single will be more in that direction too.

Maybe a bit early to ask, but do you already have an idea which track
from the album will be the next single?

Evi: We’re surely brainstorming about that, but we haven’t made a decision yet.

What are the plans for the coming months for Lasgo?

Evi: The next months we’re gonna be touring a lot in the Netherlands and Belgium
and of course we’ll be doing a lot of promo for the new single and album.

In the past, Lasgo has been nominated/won a lot of Awards: BMI
Awards, WMC Dance music awards, European Border Breakers award,
DanceStar Awards USA, TMF Awards België 2001, … It seems you have
received more foreign awards then Belgian awards. How comes?

Evi: We’re just more popular in foreign countries which I think is normal
because in Belgium we’re just a Belgian band and in other countries we’re
foreign artists. Belgium has a lot of dance-acts too and the people are used to it here.
Dance music also exists for a long time now in Belgium and in some other
countries like the USA dance is rather new. But I surely feel that in Belgium more and more appreciation is coming up
again for dance music.

Dave McCullen

What tips would you give to wannabe/up-and-coming producers for creating
the classic Belgian trance sound? And what are your top tips for sound mastering?

Peter: Just listen to a lot of records and keep on trying to make tracks and never give up !!!
For mastering it’s just a lot of practicing and experimenting with the equipment !!!

Are there any future plans for Tara Lowe, perhaps a single?

Peter: At the moment there are not really plans !!!

Will there be a cd single of Las Tardes ft. Layne – Don’t Tell Me ?

David: No

This interview was made by Wim.

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