House Torhout – Mathias (Kozzmozz)interview

House Torhout 2002 is coming up. Last year it was the first edition of this event. How do you look back on it?

Actually it was a super edition, for sure if you know that we had to organize it in a very short time frame. It was a succes if you look at the organisation and the number of people that visited House Torhout 2001, a first edition. It was a succesfull festival which got a lot of feedback and with a lot of positive comments in the press.

What could have been better last year?

Last year the camping was not so nice and kind of chaotic. But this will change drastically in the second edition! This festival will offer also a lot of showers, a nice breakfast, nice and cosy, clean toilets,…

The festival and the camping will become one…which is actually unique for Belgium. The camping will be located on top of a hill from where you have perfect view on the festival field and vice versa.

For House Torhout 2002 Kozzmozz and Fuse will put their strenghts together and work together.

There is indeed an important change this year. A new partner:the Fuse joined us to set up this mega event. Personally I think that we are perfect partners in this story and that this co-operation has certainly a lot of added value. 2 underdogs put their strenghts together and will create something incredible!

How is the line-up ‘composed’?

Fuse and Kozzmozz have made together the line-up, a large puzzle with a remarkable result at the end. We didn’t have any dicussion.

I think we have a very nice program that, compared with last year, is much better set up. I try to break with the trend of 1 hour DJ sets, because it makes no sense to invite a DJ when he doesn’t have the time to build up his set properly.

On the first edition of House Torhout there was a Drum’n Bass tent. This one has disappeared!

This one will indeed not appear on this second edition. The Reason? We have our Star Warz events and I believe that this ‘genre’ is better not mixed with other things. Nevertheless, I don’t exclude that next year the Drum’nBass tent will re-appear with a very big line-up!

How many people are you guys expecting

We think and hope to welcome 25 000 enthousiastic people.

Your event has also a website… how important is this medium for you?

The internet can be very important from time to time. Almost daily new elements are added on the site, pictures of the production/building up will appear a week before the event starts…so stay tuned!

The full line-up has been confirmed: featuring artists are Claude young, Dave Clarke, DJ Rush, Psychogene, Tomaz, Trish Van Eynde, Marco Bailey,…and many more!

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