Mackenzie feat Jessy – Emotions lyrics

One day you came around
You turned my world upside down
With your eyes you touch my soul
You make me strong you make me whole
Everytime you’re close to me
I feel so high in extasy
I’m in heaven when you’re around
You take me to a higher ground
You fill me up with your emotions
Taking me away so far
Fill me up with these emotions
Awakening, on a star.
You fill me up with your emotions
Floating on a gentle breese
Fill me up with these emotions
Sun on my skin
Still I’m free (x3)

Your love will set me free
Cause you mean the world to me
My emotions are running wild
But deep inside I feel like a child
Innocent small and pure
You make me feel so secure
Please believe me when I say
I need you here with me to

You fill me up (x12)

I feel so high (x3)
In ecstacy

Emotions (x3)

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