Lords of Acid – Rover Take Over lyrics

Hey baby, you wanna turn me on?
I’m gonna tell you exactly how it’s done
I need to be surprised when I’m on my knees
Come take your hairy paws spread my silky cheeks
I’m a nasty girl, I need it long and rough
But most of you men can’t get deep enough
Now baby don’t you worry there are other guys
That wanna do the wicked thing called doggy style

I feel so alive
Come and take me from behind
I feel wet and wild
Wanna do it doggy style

My passion for this love started early last week
when I came upon my dog, bone buried in his cheek
So I asked my friend to perform the deed
To do it doggy style with his girlfriend in need
He’s kinda stupid, my sexy superstud
So the crazy dumb fucker, he plugged my butt
When he pulled out he said “my dick doesn’t fit”
Then he started to scream “my pecker smells like shit”


Well, I’m a pretty little girl and my only sin
Is that normal sex just ain’t my thing
So I come here today to beg you guys
Will anybody here do me doggy style?

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