Vidts & Vandueren


The producers behind this project are Axel Vidts (also producer from Subsunday) and Filip Vandueren (Milk Inc, Jessy).
This project is all about Quality Trance released on Oceanic Records (AGM).

The first song was Nythala, this is Quality Progressive Trance. It did very well in the UK. On the vinyl, there are 2 mixes: the Original Mix and the Neon Phase Mix.

In 2003, they released Silk Dreams on Illusion Records (AGM). It was available on vinyl, but also on the compilation cd’s
Illusion Neptune Edition and International Tuning Sounds Vol 1. On the vinyl, there are 2 songs: Silk Dreams (23° Mix) and Moments (Original Mix).

After a while, a vinyl with vocal remixes was released of “Silk Dreams”. The following remixes can be found on this vinyl: the Original Vocal Remix, the Decoy & Mon Vocal Remix and the Decoy & Mon Instrumental Remix.



  • Nythala
  • Silk Dreams

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