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The Subs consist of Jeroen De Pessemier aka Papillon (singer/producer), Wiebe Loccufier aka Tonic (half of dj-duo Starski and Tonic, best known as resident DJs of the Culture Club in Ghent after 2 ManyDJs and The Glimmers) and Stefan Bracke aka l’entrepreneur, who is also involved in the electro-rave-rock-band Foxylane.

Their story starts in 2006 when the group releases its first single You make me spill . The track quickly becomes an underground club hit. The band is then signed to N.E.W.S. and is asked to play at 10 days in Ghent. A couple of more singles are released (Fuck That Shit and Substracktion), which confirm that the Subs are some a great mixture of techno, punk, electro and a lot of dirty beats. The dance maxis all do well in the underground club scene.

However, in 2008, the band launched a new project, aimed to see how far they could push the limits of the trance genre and get away with it.  The result Kiss My Trance became quite the hit single, reaching the number 2 position in the Belgian Utratop dance chart and the number 18 position in the regular Ultratop 50, where it resided for a total of 10 weeks. What’s more, the video was played to death on music channels and the single got a huge amount of airplay on radio stations, topped DJ lists and set both dance floors and festivals on fire. Not bad for a track that started off as a joke.

And so the band received thumbs up from the likes of Boys Noize, Philippe Zdar, T. Raumschmiere, Laurent Garnier and Tiësto.  After this, The Subs released their first album, Subculture in November 2008.  The 9-track album reached the number 33 position in the Belgian album chart and managed to stay in the charts for 16 weeks, which is a great achievement for an ‘underground’ group. The Subs themselves call the album a dance album that you can listen to in your car. In your living room. In your bed room. Anywhere. The mood is intense and brooding. It’s a down-right dirty stunner with both euphoric peaks and melancholy-melodic moments.

The follow-up to Kiss My Trance was Papillon which was released in June 2008 and went straight up the Ultratop dance charts. The single peaked at the number 3 position and stayed 16 weeks on the charts. Music Is The New Religion was released at the end of 2008 and featured a sample of DHS 90ies classic The House of God. The track was once again a big club hit, but only reached the number 16 position in the Belgian dance charts and the number 43 position in the Ultratop 50.

The follow up to Music Is The New Religion is My Punk which was released early February 2009 and went straight to the number 1 position in the Ultratop dance chart!.

The Subs have also managed to build up a good remix reputation as they did remixes for Alex Gopher, The Lotterboys, Plump Dj’s, Telex and so on. Moreover, the festival season proved that The Subs are also an impressive ‘live’ band which are out to show everyone a great time with a wild show. They have enthralled audiences with a live show comprising of a unique set up: A modern power trio, by treating the DJ as a real bandmember tweaking and mixing the beats, with synths, guitar and screaming vocals on top. No hiding behind laptops!

The future will bring more gigs, new singles and undoubtedly a second album. We can hardly wait!



  • You make me spill – 2006 (Dirty Dancing Recordings)
  • You make me spill – 2006 (Suicide Recordings)
  • Substracktion – 2006 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Fuck that shit – 2007 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Kiss my trance – 2007 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Papillon – 2008 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Music is the new religion – 2008 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • My Punk – 2008 (Lektroluv Recordings)



  • Music Is The New Religion
  • Kiss My Trance
  • Papillon
  • My Punk
  • Albatross
  • In Cold Blood
  • Breathe
  • Fuck That Shit
  • From Dusk Till Dawn

The Subs - Subculture

Remixes and EPs

Substraktion EP

  • Substraktion
  • The Origin
  • The Origin (Michoacan Remix)

Papillon EP

  • Papillon (Radio Edit)
  • Papillon
  • Papillon (Yuksek and Brodinski Remix)
  • Papillon (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
  • Naked Jack

My Punk EP

  • My Punk (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
  • My Punk (Club Version)
  • My Punk Is Funk (Alex Gopher Remix)

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