Bringing classical tunes to the masses was the dream of 4 people, namely: Brain Koner, Steve Sidewinder, Joey Morton and Poison IV. Minimalistix was created and a dream came through

Their first single Struggle for Pleasure was first released in september 2000 in Belgium. The white label immediately created a fuzz in the Belgian clubs. The single became number 1 in the dance charts and maintained this position for three weeks. It became the tune for a Proximus advertisement on radio and television. (Proximus is one of the belgian mobile network providers).

Struggle for Pleasure was heard on belgian dance radio’s and succeeded in making the crossover to commercial radio. The track reached the top 10 in no time, peaking at number 5 and it scored number 20 in the bestseller chart of the year as the first instrumental track.

Struggle for pleasure was a hit. It has been remixed by several respectable DJ’s e.g. Filterheadz whoms progressive track became the progressive anthem in the Ibiza club scene. Struggle for Pleasure was included in compilations like Renaissance, Bedrock, Sonique mixed cd, Slinky and more progressive trance cd’s.

Twin Peaks Theme and A Forest were the follow-up singles. Unfortunately they only succeeded in entering the belgian charts (number 30) and the top 5 of the club charts.

Close Cover released January 25th 2002 was especially made in remembrance of a good friend. Further, it’s a vibrant remake of Wim Mertens’ song. Close Cover has been promoted on 20 white labels and was picked up by DJ’s such as Judge Jules, Dave Clark and Dave Pearce. Filterheadz created a progressive anthem remix while Dj Garry took care of a hard trance mix.

A Forest is the follow up of the huge hit Close Cover, which reached number 12 in the UK single charts. It was released on July 18th 2002 in Belgium.

The first Minimalistix album is called Elements and was released on August 22nd 2002. It’ll have a worldwide release as Minimalistix is signed all over the globe: UK (Ministry Of Sounds), Germany (Superstar), US (Ultra rec.), Australia (Universal), Spain (Valé), Scandinavia (Ministry Of Sound), Italy (Time rec.), Canada (SPG), Japan (Avex), Mexico, South Africa, …!

The album Elements is a double album which will also feature Minimalistix remixes for projects like eg. Flesh & Bones (I Love U), 4 Strings (Diving)

Meanwhile Poison IV is preparing her first mixed album full of progressive trance. It will contain exclusive anthems by big names such as Filterheadz, Tom De Neef, Jean Jacques Smoothie combined with classical tunes by e.g. Moloko.

Minimalistix on stage is a spectacular and renewing experience. The style is a combination of dancing, acting and acrobatics.

Poison IV

Poison IV was born the 8th of May 1968. She grew up in a world full of rythm, music and dance. Poison IV is a classic dancer and performer with an impressive curriculum. She followed classical ballet in the Royal Academy of Dancing in Belgium, classes in London, Paris (Pas-de-deus),…Jazz classes and workshops and singing classes in Belgium, France and Poland.

She performed in several musicals in Belgium, TV shows throughout Europe, Moulin Rouge (Paris),…She was also part of the belgian dance project Antlantis 6 (Byte Records)and did also vocals and backings for various house and techno projects e.g. House of Doom for Nunca. And last but not least she was guest DJ in Boccaccio, Zillion and on big events.

David Maes

David Maes was born in Ghent, Belgium on 05/08/1970. The boy was very sensitive to the sportvirus. Acrobatic gymnastics was his favourite and he trained even under the all-watching and critical eyes of russian, bulgarian and chinese trainers and all this with his partner Ice H2O. He also performed on stage alongside numerous internatinal stars, and performed in several TV shows. And outside this, he had still enough energy and strength left to study at the university of Ghent.
Currently he is part of Minimalistix

Ice H2O

Kim Van Waes is born in Seoul, South Corea, on 12/10/1978. She moved to Belgium together withe her parents at very young age. Her biggest hobby was acrobatic gym and this passion soon developed to a huge succes. She reached the top together with David maes. Her acrobatic and incredible movements are very impressive.


Single CDs

  • Buy this record @ Struggle for Pleasure (original Wim Mertens)
  • Buy this record @ Twin Peaks theme “Falling (Angelo Badamenti)”
  • Buy this record @ A forest: remix of the 80’s hit of the Cure
  • Buy this record @ Close Cover

Maxi CDs

  • Buy this record @ Struggle for Pleasure (original Wim Mertens)
  • Buy this record @ Twin Peaks theme “Falling (Angelo Badamenti)”
  • Close Cover (12 remixes) – released March 2002

12 inch vinyl

  • Struggle for pleasure (Java Remix)
  • Close Cover part 2 (Svenson and Orion Too remixes)
  • Close Cover remixes (Remixes by Svenson & Gielen / 4 Strings and Orion Too Remix)
  • Close Cover (Original mix, Boss@ nova remix)
  • Close Cover (Original mix, Boss@ nova remix)
  • A Forest (remixes by Filterheadz)

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