Most of you will know Medusa only as a guestsinger for Fiocco and 2 Fabiola. (with the songs Miss You for Fiocco and New Year’s Day and Summer in space for 2 Fabiola. Evi Goffin (aka Evy) the leadsinger was born on 27 februari 1981 and she’s from Antwerp. Nowadays she’s the frontwoman of Lasgo and she also has a solo song Turn You On as Evy!

Into my life has been the only solo song she produced as Medusa together with Stefan Wuyts from A&S Recordings. With this song she entered the Belgian preselections of the EuroVision song contest. She ended on the last place, not because the song was bad but because the jury was kind of old-fashioned ;-)) and really not into dance. Instead Belgium sent Like the wind by Vanessa Chinitor which got the 12th place in the EuroVision contest.

Into my life wasn’t released on single but you can find it on some compilation albums like Halls & Clubs “Clubber Hits vol. 1”

Medusa is dead but Lasgo and Evy is not !


  • Into my life
  • Miss You (Fiocco feat. Medussa)
  • New Years Day (2 Fabiola feat. Medusa)
  • Summer In Space (2 Fabiola feat. Medusa)

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