Martine D. J. Theeuwen, better known as Marsha, was born on October 7th 1976, in Belgium. Marsha was the youngest of 2 daughters of music-loving parents’. Marsha had a penchant for music and performing from a very young age.

Primary school reports mentioned her talent and beautiful voice and music teachers influenced her to join the church choir. This was also where her performing experience started. She signed up for such artistic outlets as school shows, playback and sound mix shows, imitating her all time favorite: Madonna.

At the age of 10, she and a friend started writing new lyrics to existing songs. Her instinctive talent for writing in English and Dutch became apparent. By going to a lot of national and international performances she recognized her dream of being a performing artist, a singer.

At about the age of 20 she dropped out of high school and started her first job where she made an important first connection to the music industry. Her first voice-screening test resulted in abundant ambition.

From then on she was determined to go after her dream. At this age she also appeared in several clubs as a dancer. This increased exposure translated into an increasing self-confidence.

Some time later on she called some musicians who announced in a radio show that they were looking for a singer with experience in dance music and got a voice test. She came out best. So she started to work in that studio on a weekly bases. This was also the time that she started to attend private vocal courses. One of the conditions to get a true chance to sing a demo tape was making up the lyrics herself. This is when she created the vocal melody and the lyrics of her debut: Castles in the sky (Ian Van Dahl). This was the year 2000. Castles in the sky turned out to become a world wide club hit, also notated in the Billboard Charts and most dance music charts world wide.

One day she came across a forum where a couple of DJ’s were discussing Castles in the Sky. One of them mentioned a DJ’s website: She decided to sign the guestbook just to show appreciation, not knowing she would be getting a lot of response out of that.

Distant Places is the result of a cooperation between Russ Reign, Justin Time, Marino Bragino (together LD30) and Marsha. The track was released at Webster Hall Records on April 2nd 2002. The 12″ vinyl features the Original mix and Mike Rizzo’s dub & “Global” dub)

In 2002 Marsha was also featured on the track Moments by DJ Philip. (produced by DJ Philip and Regi Penxten).

Future tracks are coming, one of them is NeXiZ feat. Marsha – Eternity. (with producer Steve Stoffels). This track has a tranzy sound with an up-tempo rhytm. The USA already got a preview of Eternity during Marsha’s tour (Spring 2001). Due to the incredible response from the audience, the official release is soon to come.

Marsha - first singer of Castles in the sky

Marsha – first singer of Castles in the sky


Single CDs

  • Buy this record @ Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha – Castles in the sky
  • Buy this record @ DJ Philip – Moments
  • LD30 feat. Marsha – Distant Places
  • NeXiZ feat. Marsha – Eternity
Castles in the sky single cd DJ Philip - Moments single cd
Distant Places 12 inch vinyl

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