Lasposa is a brand new (2003) act and the singer is Tanja Scheerlinck (°04/08/1972), who has been in the showbizz for some time (acting in Flemish soap series (Spoed, Familie and Wittekerke) and some musicals).

In 2002, Lasposa was also in the finale of the TMF Dance Discovery contest, which was won by Anneke Vanhooff (TLD).

Tanja Scheerlinck

The first single is called One To One and it’s a nice commercial vocal trance song. It was written by Xavier Clayton and produced by Philippe Jespers and Ronny Beukelaars.
On the vinyl, the following remixes are present: Kevin Kay Remix, Navanax Remix, Dj Kevin Kay Remix and the Radio Mix. On the single, there are only two songs present: the Radio Mix and the Kevin Kay Remix.

Ronny Beukelaars Philippe Jespers
Producer Ronny Beukelaars Producer Philippe Jespers


Single CDs

The following CD singles were released:

  • Buy this record @ One to one (March 2003) (Radio Mix and the Kevin Kay Remix)
Lasposa - One to one CD Single cover


  • One to one (Kevin Kay Remix, Navanax Remix, Dj Kevin Kay Remix and the Radio Mix)

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