Atlantis 6


The producer behind this project is Peter Bellaert, also known from the group NRGY with hits like “Jump like a monkey” and “Dripping Wet”. The singer is Niki (Els Mortelmans), before becoming a singer, she was one of the dancers for 2 Fabiola.

When she was young, she started to dance at clubs. After a while, she could start as a dancer for 2 Fabiola. While she performed for 2 Fabiola, she started to get interested for deejaying. She bought her first vinyls, and she began deejaying.

Niki (Els Mortelmans)

With Atlantis 6, the first single The New Style became a big hit in the clubs.
The second single Life is a mystery was also a big hit. It stood in the charts for weeks. In 1999, the third single Give it to me didn’t get in the top 20 of the charts. The last song, released in 2000, wasn’t a big hit either. It was called Set Me Free.


Single CDs

The following CD singles were released:

The New Style

Life is a mystery

Give it to me

  • Give it to me (Radio edit)
  • Give it to me (Skycat’s extended)

Give it to me CD Single cover (credits:

Set Me Free

  • Set me free (Radio edit)
  • Set me free (Vocal club mix)

Set Me Free CD Single cover (credits:


Give it to me

Set me free:

  • Set me free (Club mix)
  • Set me free (Vocal club Mix)
  • Set me free (Instrumental club mix)
  • Set me free (Instrumental Space flight)
  • Set me free (Radio edit)

Life is a mystery:

  • Life Is A Mystery (NRGY Remix)
  • Life Is A Mystery (Instrumental Spaceflight)
  • Life Is A Mystery (Short NRGY Remix)
  • Life Is A Mystery (Skycat’s Nightflight)

New Style:

  • New Style (Skycat’s ready for nord mix)
  • New Style (Skycat’s ready for vocal mix)
  • New Style (Space Flight mix)
  • New Style (No Fear mix)

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