Aqualords was born when Nico Parisi, Regi Penxten and Steve Spaceman (realname: Steve Spaas) decided to create some cool tracks together in 1998. You’ll surely know Regi Penxten from Milk Inc.. Nico Parisi was and still is a resident DJ at Club Atmoz. Steve Spaceman is also one of the producers of La Luna.

The Aqualords started as a club project with their first release No Bullshit, a great clubtrack. Motivated by the success, the next single Children of the demon was not only released on vinyl but also on CD Single. (March 1999). The text in this song is based on the movie The Prophecy and was written by Steve.

At the the end of 1999 their third release was ready: Witches, also a great dance track!. A year later Moon revolution was released.


Single CDs

  • Children of the demon (15/03/1999)
  • Witches (22/11/1999)
  • Moon revolution (13/10/2000)

12 inch vinyl

  • No bullshit
  • Children on the Demon
  • Witches
  • Moon revolution
  • The Stuff


  • The stuff (available on Atmoz 3 and Boccaccio 2 compilation cd)


  • Children on the Demon (Nico Parisi mix)
  • Children on the Demon (Spaceman vs Regi’s german mix)
  • Children on the Demon (Acapella)
  • Moon revolution (RNS radio version)
  • Moon revolution (Spaceman vs Regi’s global killer 2)
  • No bullshit (Original mix)
  • No bullshit (Nico parisi remix)
  • No bullshit (Da boy Tommy remix)
  • No bullshit (Marcel Woods remix)
  • No bullshit (Klangwerk remix)
  • The stuff (Original mix)
  • The stuff (Snake attention’s mix)
  • The stuff (Absolom remix)
  • Witches (Original mix)
  • Witches (Spaceman vs Regi’s global killer)

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