Alana Dante


Alana Dante was born on December 1st, 1969 in Belgium. At the age of 4, she started to sing along with the songs she heard on the radio. She also made up her own songs. When she was 12, she went to the music academy where she studied violin and took singing lessons during almost 8 years.

Alana Dante

Alana Dante

After she had left school, she performed at karaoke clubs, disco’s, etc. She started her real career some years ago with a cover from Celine Dion: Think Twice. She’s been discovered by producer Peter Neefs, which was also the man behind the belgian danceproject Touch Of Joy.

The big belgian breakthrough was accomplished with the single Take me for a ride. The next single The Life of the Party became a huge hit. Because of all this success they decided to release a full album. The album is called Disco-Suppa-Girl which was enthousiasticaly received by the fans. Most tracks of the album are happy dance tracks, all with a catchy melody.

The Life of the Party CD Single

The Life of the Party CD Single

Disco-Suppa-Girl CD Album

Disco-Suppa-Girl CD Album

In 1999 Alana won the preselection of the Eurovision Songfestival with the single Get ready for the Sunsand. She didn’t go to Jerusalem to represent Belgium, Vanessa Chinitor was selected and went to the Eurovision Songfestival, but the single Get Ready for the Sunsand and the dutch version of it (which is called Vakantie) became a huge hit in Belgium, it even reached #1 in the Belgium charts.

Get ready for the Sunsand cd single

Get ready for the Sunsand

During the summer of 99 she went on stage with the single Saturday Baby which had some rock influences. At the end of the year there was a new single released Don’t wanna give you up which became a reasonable radiohit, but because of distribution problems the single didn’t become a superhit.

Saturday Baby cd single

Saturday Baby cd single

Don't wanna give you up cd single

Don’t wanna give you up cd single

Alana Dante

Alana Dante

In 2002 the single Sylvia’s mother was released.

In 2007 D.I.S.C.O was released.

In 2008 Alana Dante changed her style of music (no dance anymore!) and released a new full album As Time Goes By.


Single CDs

  • Think Twice (1996)
  • Attention To Me (1997)
  • Back Where We Belong (1997)
  • Take Me For A Ride (October 1997)
  • The Life Of The Party (May 1998)
  • Disco-Suppa-Girl (October 1998)
  • Land Of Eternal Love (April 1999)
  • Get Ready For The Sunsand (1999)
  • Saturday Baby (June 1999)
  • Give You Up (November 1999)
  • Star For A Night (2000)
  • Back In The Summer (2000)
  • Never Can Say Goodbye (2001)

Full CDs

Two full CDs have been produced:

Breaking Out (1997)

Breaking Out (1997) album

  • I’m Breaking Out
  • Back Where We Belong
  • Attention To Me
  • The Promise
  • Think Twice
  • They Say It’s Gonna Rain
  • The Mirror
  • Groove Me
  • One Heart
  • Feeling O.K. Tonight
  • What I Do For Love
  • How Can I Win Your Love
  • Attention To Me (discoround mix)
  • Think Twice (xclusive album mix)

Disco Suppa Girl (1998)

Disco Suppa Girl (1998) album

  • Disco Suppa Girl (X-Clusive Album Mix)
  • Take Me For A Ride
  • Stay With Me
  • Breakin’ Out
  • Dream Tonight
  • Why Don’t You Write Me
  • The Life Of The Party
  • Lost In Dreams
  • The Promise
  • Land Of Eternal Love
  • Think Twice (Bonus Track)

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