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During the eighties Patrick Claesen, aka Pat Krimson played in a pop group called Blue Garden, where he played bass guitar for a few years and at the same time he was deejaying in several clubs in Limburg (province in Belgium). Actually he studied hotelmanagement but from the moment he started working with Antler Subway (april 1989) he knew music was his life. Together with the Jeff Vanbockrijck, sound engineer of Blue Garden and collegue at Antler’s, he formed a producersduo “Hypp & Krimson” and released several dance projects like Cold Sensation, Hypnotyz, Miss Nicky Trax and Ravebusters.

In 1989 he started as a keyboard player of a group called Leopold 3. It was a succesful young group performing only in Dutch, but they decided to quit in 1993.

In 1993 he created the Dance Opera label and organised with Star Events the Dance Opera Trips in Hasselt, which were the first big house parties in Belgium. In 1995 he invented the Dreamland Nights in Halen.

Patrick wanted to get his share of the dance hype and therefore began to produce dance products on his own label. One of these products was The Milky Way, the first production under the name of 2 Fabiola. This name was chosen after the Belgian Queen at that time (Fabiola). (Leopold 3 was a Belgian king). The second record Play this song was an extremely catching dance track that soon turned out to be a mega formula for their success on the Spanish and Italian music market. The results were 4 weeks number one and for about 6 months a ranking in the official Spanish top 10. This Mega formula didn’t pass unnoticed in the Italian charts either: n 15 in the official Italian charts. Meanwhile, 2 Fabiola came to be a real band, gradually conquering the European continent with its extravagant looks and strong live-act.

The group involves Zohra (singer, dancer) and the sexy gogo dancer Fabio (who stayed with the group until the single Magic Flight). The background vocals where done by Carine B. On stage Pat Krimson is the keyboard man. Andrs Romero, a well-known Belgian producer/composer/remixer from Spanish origin, took part in the creation of many hits. Zohra was born on September 8th, 1975. She talks Dutch very well, but her mother tongue is French and she’s Turkish. She’s keen on different sort of kicks : benji, parachute…



The successor record Lift U Up became a huge success once again in Spain and Italy, and this time the Belgian charts didn’t let this second success formula go by unnoticed: 5 weeks number 1 in the Ultratop 30. And on the top of that, Lift U Up won an award for best Belgian production. The Golden record resulting from these magnificent sales figures, was presented on Friday, June 21, 1996 at club RIO in St.-Katelijne Waver in Belgium. The band was absolutely thrilled with this recognition and said it hadn’t expected this kind of success.

2 Fabiola: Zohra and Pat Krimson

2 Fabiola: Zohra and Pat Krimson

Lift U Up single cd

Lift U Up single cd

Play this song single cd

Play this song single cd

In October 1996 the band launched its big Christmas offensive : a X-mas single (the ballad Universal Love), for the Belgian market only, and a debut double album was also released. The Tyfoon album, including the hits I’m On Fire, Lift U up, Play This Song and many more, went gold in Belgium. The new single Freak Out, was also doing very good.

Freak out single cd

Freak out single cd

In November 1997 Fabio leaves the group to concentrate on giving dance lessons and 2 Fabiola takes a break to come back 2 months later with a completely new manga look and music style. (with the single Flashback). During this break Pat Krimson brought out Paranoid in Moscow.

Flashback single cd

Flashback single cd

In 1998 they took a second break during which Pat Krimson produced the songs Taboo Bells and My Playground. Zohra released her first solo single I Hate 2 Love U.

Afterward (end of 1998 they released their single Sisters & Brothers, which was not a big success, followed by the single Feel The Vibe and the second album Androgyne. Pat Krimson described Androgyne as a CD where they did their own ‘thing’ without making confessions to the laws in the commercial dancemusic world. Older hits like Flashback and Zohra’s I hate to love you were still present, but also songs that went from Techno to Speedgarage to Disco style.

Buy online at iTunes 2 Fabiola – Androgyne
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I'm on fire single cd

I’m on fire single cd

In 1999 Pat Krimson started a new project with Nunca. The group consists of Shauna (born May 9th, 1971) – the singer – and Shane (born June 19th, 1970) – the fire spitter. Their first single is called House of Doom (a superb dancesingle in my opinion) and obtained a golden record and a TMF-Award for best single. Follow-ups are Movin’ train, Voodoo (also very good imo) and Hypnotyze.

During the TMF Awards of October 22nd, 1999 the new 2 Fabiola is presented. Medusa (Evy Goffin) takes the place of Zohra. We all know Evy Goffin now as the singer of Lasgo !

Magic flight single cd

Magic flight single cd

Only two 2 Fabiola singles were released with the voice of Evy: New Year’s Day, a trancy U2 cover and Summer In Space

New Year's day single cd

New Year’s day single cd

In September 2000 Pat Krimson moved to Ibiza with his girlfriend Ann Vervoort (ex-singer of Milk Inc.), which marked the end of 2 Fabiola and Nunca. Pat started a dance record label called Benimusa Records named after the village they were living in.

In April 2001, Pat Krimson and Andres Romero renamed Nunca to Nunca Brothers and launched the first single The Night Goes On & On with a new sound, new people and male vocals ! Also this year, the song Es cubells was released under Pat Krimsons name.

Zohra is now (October 2001) going solo as Punk City (together with producer Kris Vanderheyden behind the scenes) and her first single is the The Mission.

The return of 2 Fabiola …

In 2008, 2 Fabiola returned to the dance scene with 2 new female vocalists: Viola and Loredana.  They release Blow Me Away / We Love The 90ies mid 2008 and immediately start to tour again. Early 2009, 2 Fabiola announced that they will release a new version of Lift U Up 2009.

Buy mp3 online at 7Digital2 Fabiola – Lift U Up 2009 MP3 at at 7Digital

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Buy online at GEMM2 Fabiola – Blow me away at GEMM


Single CDs

Single CD’s by 2 Fabiola:

  • The Milky Way
  • Play This Song (1995)
  • Lift U Up (1996)
  • I’m On Fire (1996)
  • Universal Love (October 1996)
  • Freak Out (1997)
  • Magic Flight (1997)
  • Buy online at ProxisFlashback (1998)
  • Sisters & Brothers (1998)
  • Feel The Vibe (1998)
  • New Years Day (1999)
  • Summer In Space (Spring 2000)
  • Buy online at ProxisBlow me Away (2008)
  • We love the 90ies (2008)
  • Buy mp3 online at 7DigitalLift U Up 2009(2009)

Single CD’s by Pat Krimson:

Single CD’s by Nunca:

  • House of Doom
  • Movin’ Train
  • Voodoo (December 1999)
  • Hypnotize (May 2000)
  • Joy (The night goes on) (by the Nunca brothers) (April 2001)

Single CD’s by Zohra:

Buy online at GEMMZohra – I hate 2 love U at GEMM
Buy online at GEMMZohra – Look up at GEMM
Buy online at GEMMZohra – Serious at GEMM
Buy online at GEMMZohra – Surrounded by a dream at GEMM
Buy online at GEMMZohra – Hurricane of love at GEMM

Single CD’s by Punk City:

  • Mission
  • Mission Maxi CD

Buy online at GEMMPunk City – Mission at GEMM

Full CDs

Full CDs by 2 Fabiola:
Tyfoon (1996)


  • Freak Out (Radio mix)
  • I’m On Fire (Radio Mix)
  • Lift Me Up
  • Universal Love
  • Show Me The Way
  • Lift U Up (Emotional Mix)
  • I See The Light (Dreamland Mix)
  • A World For U And Me (Adams & Krimson Atmoz Mix)
  • Piano Latino (DJ Jan mix)
  • Play This Song (Ultimate radio mix)
  • Raise Your Hands (DJ Joan mix)
  • Lift U Up (E-Raver RMX)
  • My Attitude (Jazzy club mix Feat. Johnny Kelvin)


  • I’m On Fire (Regg & Arkin mix)
  • Bang To The Rhythm (Sax Mix)
  • Play This Song (Adams & Krimson mix)
  • Show Me The Way (Hi-tech mix)
  • Piano Latino (Extravaganza mix)
  • Fireside (Underground mix)

Androgyne (1998)


  • Sisters & Brothers
  • Stargate 5
  • Kinky (2 Fabiola remix)
  • Ragazzi
  • Feel The Vibe
  • Flashback
  • I Feel Like U
  • Trippin On Air
  • I Hate 2 Love U
  • Open Your Heart
  • The Afterparty
  • Magic Flight

CD2: (Club mixes)

  • Stargate 5
  • Sisters & Brothers (Oliver Adams Dub Mix)
  • Kinky (2 Fabiola Remix)
  • Feel The Vibe
  • Flashback (Nico Parisi Remix)
  • Magic Flight (Blue Monday Mix)
  • I Hate 2 Love U (Zohra In Wonderland Mix)
  • I Feel Like U

Buy online at iTunes 2 Fabiola – Androgyne
Buy online at Proxis 2 Fabiola – Androgyne

Full CDs by Pat Krimson:
The Milky Way (June 1998)

  • Kinky (Magic bells mix)
  • My playground (Atmoz remix)
  • Taboo bells (Voodoo mix)
  • Atmozfear (Sky-surf mix)
  • House of doom (Atmoz remix)
  • Tapas Chi chi (2 fabiola remix)
  • Paranoid in Moskow (Torpedo mix)
  • Voodoo queen (Aqualords remix)
  • Guri guri (Top 21 mix)
  • Angels of dreams (Eternally mix)
  • Piano latino (Dj Jan progressive mix)
  • Arena (Flower mix)
  • Do you know
  • Ballistique (God of dreamland mix)

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