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I don’t know what will happen to us when we are over 60 but edition 61 of Belgium’s longest running club compilation Serious Beats is still going strong with yet another killer tracklist. Once again, Serious Beats brings you a 3CD box with no less than 33 upfront commercial club tunes, all in their uncut, […] (read more)

Who would have expected this? Sylver’s new song is a (partial) remake of Music (John Miles). What do you think about this? Not our cup of tea …. (read more)

All 35,000 tickets for I love techno have been sold, so the organization emphasises that you shouldn’t come to the venue if you don’t have a ticket … We’ve got our tickets, we hope you have yours too (let us know what acts you are looking forward to see!). (read more)

Kate launched her new album French Connection yesterday. It contains only French songs, both covers and own material.  You will find old singles like  Voyage Voyage, Désenchantée en Libertine, Ella Elle l’a and Babacar on the album but also new covers like Les Divas Du Dancing, Sage Comme Une Image, Toute Première Fois and a stunning […] (read more)

It is getting a real tradition: Milk Inc. took home their 15th and 16th TMF award this weekend. That puts them well ahead of the pack. Regi and Linda also gave an energetic performance on the show. (read more)

Switch is the leading radio show for electronic music on Studio Brussel and on Saturday the 17th of October they will present The Greatest Switch 2009, an all time top 100 of electronic music. But you can now already get your own copy of the Greatest Switch 3CD.  It contains a vast amount of essential tracks from […] (read more)

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