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Natasja Dewitte, who took part of the latest Miss Belgian Beauty contest will become the singer of a new dance project. The first single is called Hold me back. The music is written by Fred Vandermast (known from Oxyd, 2 Black 4 U and Poco Loco Gang). The text was written by Peggy Buyssens (= […] (read more)

Last week Union 1 released their first vinyl on the Belgian market. The song called So easy to love you has been made by producers Steve Spaceman (known from La Luna), Phillipe Rodiers and Pedro Rodriguez. The female voice is from Carine Boelaerts who already did additional vocals for Milk Inc. in the past. You […] (read more)

Although Something is not yet released in the UK, we can already tell you the tracklisting of the CD Maxi promo in the UK: Something (Radio Edit) Something (Extended Mix) Something (W.O.S.P. Mix) Something (Flip N Fill Mix) Something (Mirco De Govia Mix) The last three remixes are new ones, and according to one of […] (read more)

The massive trance hit Something will hit the UK charts pretty soon: on Febuary 25th 2002 Positiva records will release it in the UK and Scotland ! (read more)

This commercial track was originally intended to be a follow-up to Yoni – Dance no more, but as the track grew, it became a new project by Wout Van Dessel (known from Sylver) and Regi Penxten. (known from Milk Inc.). It’s a dance track with a familiar New-wave sound. Two versions exists: Original Mix and […] (read more)

The third single from his album 2001 is called Music Non-Stop. This great vinyl also contains a bonus mix by Dj Scot Project of his big hit Back to Earth ! (read more)

  • January 13,2002

The first release of Dj Fire called Ulan Bator is doing great! Jurgen Leyers produced this progressive trancer together with L-Vee. It stayed in the top 10 of the Belgian Dancechart top 40 for 2 weeks and got a lot of airplay on dance-radio’s all over… Looks promising for the future… (read more)

New ringtones

by wim

We have new ringtones available on ! Check them out on our ringtones page ! I’ll be adding new ones regurarly. Note that you can only order these ringtones from Belgium at the moment! In the near future visitors from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switserland, Turkey and the United Kingdom […] (read more)

Ian Van Dahl’s newest single Will I has been released in Belgium yesterday. First radioreactions were very positive. Meanwhile in the UK, Will I has been in the TOP10 for 4 weeks now. After the success of the first single Castles in the sky last year, it seems that the UK likes the next single […] (read more)

  • January 9,2002

2 Black 4 U will release a new single around mid-March 2002, both on cd and vinyl. In the next two weeks 3 songs will be recorded by producer Fred Vandermast and one of them will become the new single. Source: Fred Vandermast (read more)

  • January 9,2002

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