Jonny Cade - "Victoria's Lesson EP" (Incl. Pol_On remix)

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Jonny Cade - "Victoria's Lesson EP" (Incl. Pol_On remix)

Postby Newsperson » Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:47 pm


[LRS006] Jonny Cade - "Victoria's Lesson EP" (Incl. Pol_On remix)

Release info:
Since his debut release with Huxley in late 2010, Jonny Cade has continued to deliver his contemporary sound to our ears. After the success of "A Sanguine Lamb EP" released on Loco Records, he has combined a mixture of percussive grooves with vibrant melodies to bring you the sounds of his latest addition "Victoria's Lesson EP". Ranging from the deep, catchy melodies of "Dotty Hook Up" to the minimalistic "Take Away Dispute", this EP shows off Jonny's contrasting palette of inspiration. With a laid back remix from the mighty Pol_On this one is not to be missed. Since the start of 2011 Jonny Cade has become increasingly well-known for his laid back vibes coupled with his strong ear for percussion. After securing various releases with some of the most current prestigious labels (Kolour, I-records, Tonality) he is one to watch out for throughout the next year. The remix comes from the afore-mentioned Pol_On - a duo of producers from Poland represented by Kacper Bogacz and Michal Piotrowski. The artists have been working together since 2007, and so far they have had excellent releases on such labels as Channels Records, Outils Du Connaisseur, Get Physical Music, Mothership Records, Freerange Records, Compost Records, Systematic, Plastic City, Upon You or Raw Cutz. The release is now available on

Feedback comments:

Eelke Kleijn - good stuff here guys. will play

Ben Watt - likin this pol_on mix ...

Gorge [8Bit Records] - nicd release, thanks

Till Von Sein - nice deep jamz.. thx

Florian Kruse - very cool warm up tracks! the groovy stuff to get the people into the dance mood ;-) thanks for sharing with us! best, florian

Scope - Wicked stuff.. Definitely my favourite Loco release.. Lovin the originals by Jonny and the remix by the Pol_On guys!

Mihai Popoviciu - cool deep moods!

Mark Knight [Toolroom Records] - nice deeeeeeep beats

Nils Nuernberg - Cool release. Pol_On remix has that special something in it ... thx

Soul Minority - Awesome EP, love all originals and superb Pol_On remix !!! Thanks !

Will Sumsuch - Loving this EP, Both mixes of Dotty Hook Up are fantastic, and Take Away Dispute is one of the best track titles I've ever heard! Unique stuff- full support.

The Timewriter - Pol_On Rmx is the one for me here.Feeling the original of Dotty Hook Up as well though.Thanks

Huxley - love this release! all about the original dotty hook up for me.

Jon Cutler - Nice Package.

Nacho Marco - Good one, loving Pol On Rmx.

Robert Owens - pol_on for the lazy days remix is great, thx

Lemon Popsicle (Sandrino) - Yes Yes Yes, best Loco Release ever! Love this all the way! original & pol_on remix of dotty hook up for me! thanx a lot for sending over...

Pol_On - really like both original tracks.. and remix is .... ;)

Da Wiseguy (Jon Pierce) - Great EP....! sultry, sexy, slomo....very nice ;)

DZeta N Basile - Good package yet again! Will definitely play them out

Klaus Spitzner - deepness .. lazy days remix is the one.. full support..

Francesco Bonora - I love Pol_On remix , really amazing

DZeta N Basile - Nice deep EP! Our fav is Pol_On Remix. Thanks

Giom - Awesome release!! Will be playing all these for sure. Thanks guys

Da Funk - pol on remix is very nice but i'll try them all!

Topspin & Dmit Kitz (Vibra Macz Records] - thanks guys! cheers topspin & dmit kitz

Amir Groove - lovely work!

Sezer Uysal - Pol_On is for me ! great package ! thanks

Joan Ribas - pol on remix sounds excellent

Evren Ulusoy - impressive release! Will support.

Andy Ward - probably the wrong vibe for me, but I do like mix 3 somewhat... could use that for my radio show

DJ Mannix. - Pol On mix is on fire

UGLH - Great tracks. Thanks

Greg Fenton [M8 Mag] - great track ! like all the vesrions...

Dean Serafini (Jjazproject) - Loving the "Pol_On For The Lazy Days Remix". Really memorable especially with those church organs included

DJ Antoine - Download for DJ Antoine

Spiritchaser (Bamo) - Pol_On Remix for me.... Thanks guys!

Satoshi Fumi - Take Away Dispute for my set:)

Gabriele Gilleri [Different Grooves] - nice deep sexy stuff, already noticed by ... d=35:music

Antony Angell - will be supporting the pol on for the lazy mix

The Messenger - Take Away Dispute is really nice.We'll play and chart. The Messenger (Soul Industries / I Records)

Martijn - dotty hook up original mix is sick!! with play for sure thanx for the music!! ;)

Westboy - hey! really nice deeply tracks! cool!

Agent Matteo - Solid, really like Take Away Dispute

Grant Nelson - Downloading to review, cheers

Craig Stewart - Superb material for the dance floor, is there any other way. Pol_On & Original are brilliant, thx for sending Craig Stewart DCSTrax

Michael Fossati [Spirit Of.House] - Deep'n'dirty with thrilling rhythms and luscious melodies - a winner combination

MR Cenzo (MidiDropMusic) - Take Away Dispute is the one for me here. Cheers.

Sven Jacobsen - Aweee the Lazy Day Remix is awesome, i love it.

Dj Jorj - cool tune, thanks jorj

MR White - very cool ! thanks. mr.white

Mr Mike - Nice production. Will play. Thanks

Lukas Greenberg [Plastic City] - great! support!

Matteo Fossati - Groovin'!!!! :)

Andy Fransis [Club Life Global] - Top drums love the programing. Great use of the vocal samples and sounds a tottaly intelligent production. Both the mixes of Dotty Hook Up and the Take Me Away Dispute we
love! ... -Lesson-EP

Fabien Kamb - Pol_On remix is good!

Jevne [Onethirty] - Ya nice chill rolling grooves here!

John P. [] - Great deep pack...full support...thnx ...John P. /

Calin Marian [Tunnel FM] - Dotty Hook Up (Original) + Pol_On Remix are awesome! Great feelings in this tracks, will support and play a lot. Thank you.

Neevald [RMI FM] - Pol_On Remix Rulez ! thnx

Paronator - pol on remix is very cool, i like it! thanks so much!!!

Qmusse - Another big release from Loco Supreme! 2 version of Dotty Hook up are awesome! Gracias :)

Mirko [Party Groove] - dotty hook up original for me! Support

Grant T Paterson [Edinburgh News] - Quality late night grooves - deep, very deep indeed!


London Electric Orchestra - lovely EP, slo mo, deep & groovy!!!

Data Urbana Argentina - This Label & Artists are the best !

Mild Bang - like take away dispute, thanks

Deep Active Sound - Very nice EP.

Brian Logstrup [Deso Records] - Yeeeeah, this is right up my alley, full support !!

Zeque - amazing EP keep it up!

Jonny Cade - Goooood shit! ;)

LondonGround - Take Away Dispute (Original Mix) for me! thankss!!

Echofusion - Nice Deep Downtempo EP. I love how the combination of rhythmic variation. Very original. I love this EP.

DJ Berny - Really nice and soft Release, will play in my early Sets... when Sun comes down, thanx!

DJ Daze - Pol_on remix smashed it! supporting our fellow countrymen :)

Wookie [Pussydog] - always good:-)

Aslak - Tasty EP!!! Dotty Hook Up - both versions rock big time!! Thanks for sending.

Jerri Kay (Soulove Deep) - Great EP! Full support.Thanx
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