[LARD026]Frosted - "A Matter of Time EP"

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[LARD026]Frosted - "A Matter of Time EP"

Postby Newsperson » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:37 pm


[LARD026]Frosted - "A Matter of Time EP"

Look Ahead Records proudly presents a great EP from Frosted. "A Matter of Time EP" contains two tracks: "Lazy Sunday" and "Holding Hands". Behind the name Frosted, we can find a very young and talented producer and DJ from Portugal André Geada. André's interest in music began in his early childhood, after studying it in a conservatory for six years, until he reached 12, having piano classes there as well as musical training or vocal training in a choir. At 13, he started producing electronic music, and at 16 years old he started performing music around Portugal with his other projects. During six months, his tracks were released on various labels from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, etc. His first EP released by BDivision reached the Beatport's Minimal Top 100 after a few days of its sales. Tech-House and House are now the main genres that Frosted focuses on. With massive basslines, funk grooves and danceable rhythms, and a little touch of some acoustic and unusual instruments involved in this music type, he makes a real difference into the world where electronics and creativity rock. The EP is now available on Beatport.

Check out the feedback:

Hector Couto - nice stuff, holding hands for me! thanks

Wesley S [Toolroom Rec] - LAZY SUNDAYS!!!!! GOOD WORK!!!

Giom - This is great, I'm feeling these for sure. Full support from me, thanks guys!

DJ Chus - downloading for dj chus_thanx!

Bas Amro - Nice tracks! Holding Hands is really cool. :-) Thanks!

MR Cenzo (MidiDropMusic - Loved "Holding Hands" Here... Cheers...

Robert Owens - both tracks great

Bruno From Ibiza - both tracks are nice, my fav is LAZY SUNDAY.

Rulers Of The Deep - Lazy Sunday for me thanks!

Topspin & Dmit Kitz (Vibra Macz Records) - lazy sunday is cool thanks! topspin & dmit kitz

NTFO - Nice stuff, Holding Hands is very shakin thank you for sending!

DZeta N Basile - Cool stuff, Holding Hands our fav. Thanx

Onur Ozman - Nice EP. Both trax are cool.

Kirby - Both tracks sounds great ! thanks :)

Darin Epsilon - These are OK. Lazy SundayLukas Greenberg - full support!! i like!

Craig Stewart - "Lazy Sunday" for me, very hot for the floor - nice work Craig Stewart DCSTrax

Valentin Huedo [IS] - lazy sunday is the best for me, being the stronger of the two. Will give these a try.

Anna Wall [Defected] - Lazy sunday...sexy lyrics this is definitely the one...

Richard Earnshaw - decent stuff... will keep it handy.

Spiritchaser (Bamo) - both tracks will definatley work the dance floor.... Thanks!

Klaus Spitzner - cool package..

Fabien Kamb - Holding Hands is nice!

Dj Jorj - smooth track... love the vibe, thanks jorj

Anthony Brook - Thanks

Graham Sahara - yeahhhhh getting my groove on to this release. Will be playing thanks guys

Ernesto - Holding hands for me.... Gracias

London Electric Orchestra - Nice Deep & Tough vibes!

DJ Antoine - Download for DJ Antoine

Petey Dixon - Nice thx! Both tracks are great!

Mike Kiraly [NYC] - Digging it - Lazy Sunday is slightly better to my ears, but I think both will get a test or two :) Thanks!

Aslak - Both tracks from the EP will work the floor!! Thanks for sending! (Sachrias & Aslak)

Mike Haddad - Will play both songs! Nice one.

Mirko [Party Groove] - lazy sunady 4 me! Great

Data Urbana Argentina - Very Good !!

Piomid - I like Holding Hands! Thx 4 EP

Ruslan [Garage FM] - Lazy Sunday for me! Best groovy sound! Thanks

Grant T Paterson [E.N.] - Two seriously cool grooves, nice and deep bass sound and tribal percuss, I like

Luca Ricci - Thank you I'm downloading for Luca Ricci

Dean Serafini (Jjazproject - An unusual combination of sounds and vocals but one that certainly works.

Pre Party Radio - Both These Tracks Are Pumping! Perfect Blend Of Deep Soulfulness! These Will Be On My Play List...

Miqro - Groove killers! Downloading!

Dave Storm - Lazy Sunday for me...will try


Joan Ribas - great groovy deep, excellent

DJ Mannix - Lazy Sunday is kool

Neevald - Laze Sunday - Sexy Sunday ! Deeeeper !

DJ Daze - I chose holding hands! thanks!

Greg Fenton [M8 Mag] - gone for Lazy sunday

Dalime - I like it!

Daniel Sanchez - Lazy sunday sounds cool, thanx

Krummstoff - "Holding Hands" for me, will give it a try, thanks!

DJ Sydney [Tokyo Red] - Holding hands is the pick 4 me...grazie

Pre Party Radio - Nice rolling house style on this release....smokin'

Dirty Culture - nice deep.

Pre Party Radio - Pure Greatness @ The Drop of The Track! Delmar Browne

Pre Party Radio - Fantastic work here! Loving the Holding Hands cut!! DJ Holiday (Deep City Sessions - Prepartyradio.com)

AB-Out [Tunnel FM] - Lazy Sunday is my pick ! Great sound again. Thank you

Antony Angell - Will be supporting Lazy Sunday

Maxxa - Holding hands for me, thnx!!!

Jerri Kay (Soulove Deep) - Like "Lazy Sunday" - Thanx!

Bolo - Grabin Lazy Sunday for Active Saturday :-)

Denz QH RADIO - Lazy Sundays - Deep 9/10

Danilo D'Andrea - Lazy Sunday! Play it of course! Danilo D'Andrea[Ifyouwant c/o Party Groove]

Miguel Garji - Two groovin traks for me. All support on radio and live. Thanks

Bobi [Club fm] - Perfect !!! Diggin both tracks, warm feel-good house just the way I like it.Full Support

Brian Logstrup [Deso Records] - Yeeeeeah, full support !! Desos

Qmusse - Holding Hands sounds cool. I like this groove! Gracias...

Amdjs - That's great, Guys! Going to play "Lazy Sunday" tonight.

Javi Bora - Holding Hands for me!

Michael Fossati [S.o.H] - All over the deep hypnotic "Holding hands"...

Latenta Project (Dido) - groovy!

Jesus Pablo - Nice EP... very nice... both tracks are very deeeeep and gooving... will be supporting both... 8/10!!

Deep Active Sound - Holding Hands for me. Interesting sound.

Kubatko - i like lazy sundays

Chriss Jaxx - Megaaa! Thx

Syndyk - both tracks will play , again great ep! stay tuned!

LondonGround - lazy sundayy!!! greatt track! I like it! thxx!

Le Vinyl - Holding hands for me thx :)

Mafia Mike - Both very nice. Lazy sunday is perfect for my sunday radio show :) Thanx

Edmund - Really liking both tracks here.. Lazy Sundays sounding specially fresh!
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